The deeper we go into our relationship with money, the richer it gets!

In Part 1 of this “Heart to Heart with Money” video series, I set up sacred space for a deeply healing and transformational exploration around money.

Money, love it or hate it, is something we all have to be with. As Creative Spirits, money can be a confusing topic that can bring us to our knees.  I’ve certainly had many moments, face to the ground, praying to understand how I could create a soul-satisfying relationship with money without compromising my art or losing myself.

In today’s video, watch as the money creative process unfolds….


One of my crazy money obsessions ultimately became one of my great money blessings.

For over 10 years, I documented every interaction I had with money, down to the penny. This means I had amassed a collection of thousands upon thousands of receipts and years of money rituals.

One thing I’ve learned from over a decade of intense focus on this highly charged topic is how dualistic our relationship with money can be.

We can experience both love for money and utter challenge around money, all in the same story. 

One of the things I love about money is how it has forced me to become more conscious about my choices.  I view money as a Spiritual Teacher, calling me to lead from my heart; it calls me to use money as a form of activism to courageously commit to my path.  I am also deeply challenged by the way our society worships money as a God and has forgotten our connection with the Earth.

As we understand what we love about money and what challenges us about money, we open our eyes to see the ecosystem of our Money Story.


I’d love to know what you love about money, and what challenges you about money


The more consciousness we bring to our relationship with money, the richer that relationship becomes.

Share in the comments what you love about money, and what challenges you about money

Give yourself permission to own the dualistic nature of your relationship with money.  As you do, you get the chance to root deeper into your truth and expand further into your dreams.


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