Creating this “Heart to Heart with Money” series has felt like watering a fertile garden of love!

I started this journey because I had a desire to deepen into my own relationship with money and open space for the next level of creation that wants to birth through me.

It’s been amazing to witness all the people who share a similar desire to explore their relationship with money. I’ve loved reading all your comments throughout this process. You inspire me!

In Part 1, I set up sacred space for this money journey. In Part 2, I created a Receipt Dress to explore the way money moves and circulates in our life. Then, things started to expand as new questions arose. In Part 2 1/2, I connected with the Heart of Money to find out what makes money move.

Watch the final video in this “Heart to Heart with Money” series to see how things blossom…

If I was to sum up the biggest teaching this creative process has imbued in me, it would be that our relationship with money requires our loving presence.

Our greatest financial potential comes from aligning our minds with our hearts.

With this insight, I knew I needed to create a much bigger container to hold the next layer of growth with money. This is why I created the Follow Your Heart & Make Money Journey.

I hope you’ll join me!


Follow Your Heart & Make Money is for Creative Spirits who want to thrive being themselves and to align the heart of money with the heart of their gifts.


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Aligning money with your unique expression starts by aligning your mind with your heart.

Join me for this enriching journey to heal your money story and create a new relationship with money.

Experience your own money flowering as you give yourself permission to believe what your heart already knows is true.

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