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The secret to bouncing back after having a baby is staying in shape while pregnant. If you’re expecting, try this 10-minute workout designed by celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck, who helped keep Heidi Klum in shape during many of her pregnancies. Andrea’s workout is designed to keep you feeling strong even as your body proportions change. Press play and get on your way to becoming a fit mama!

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  1. 25 weeks and have gained 30 lbs . I'm so depressed because of it . I will start to do this exercise routine 3 times a week . Maybe everyday once I get use to it . I just want to stop gaining so rapidly . Started or 116 now in 148.5 ! Yikes still 15 weeks to go

  2. I really wonder if the abs part is really good for the belly. I'm reading a book about pregnancy where it clearly says "no abs after first trimester". My doctor says the same. Now, I'm kind of unsure…

  3. That was great! I needed get back to working out and I'm pregnant at 8 weeks been very fatigued ans this just helped me to wake up. Iv lost 58 pounds and I'm worried about gaining to much weight like I did with my first.

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  5. I was sore for days after this! I have done a few workouts but this one is my favorite. For more of an impact raise your arms straight up over your head or out to the side.

  6. hi there!! amazing video…can I do this 10min set twice a day??/ like morning and night? ad everyday? I already walk 30 min /day almost everyday..
    Thx in advance…

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