There is a natural rhythm within you that is in sync with the flow of creation.

Whether you are a woman in your bleeding years or not, or if you are a man, a child, or however you identify, you have a cycle.

When you flow with your cycle, your creative process supports you and moves like a smooth river.

Your creative process can’t support you when you go against your cycle and try to impose another agenda on top of it. You’ll know it because you’ll feel blocked, exhausted, overwhelmed, and utterly spent by the burden of trying to make it all happen, and still feel like it’s not enough.

I’ve certainly experienced those pushing moments. I’ve also experienced those blissful bursts when it all works so beautifully.

Experiencing both push and flow made me curious… what’s the difference?

What causes the creative process to flow effortlessly in some moments and feel like drudgery in others?

As I sat with this inquiry, I started to notice how my menstrual cycle would clearly guide me through the creative cycle. I also noticed how much I resisted it, and out-right overrode it.

For example, I would feel like resting, but my guilt of being non-productive would push me through my tiredness and convince me to do some work.

This might sound admirable if you’re an employer looking at a loyal employee, but if you’re seeking to create your own magical life, this is not an admirable quality. It is an example of going against your natural cycle and ultimately dishonoring yourself and the flow of creation.

Once I caught the insanity of my lack of trust, I chose to act on what was natural, rather than what was imposed.

Honoring your cycle is about learning to listen to what is natural within you, then allowing it to guide and inform your life.

You don’t have to be a woman in your bleeding years to honor your cycle, although when you are bleeding, you can witness your cycle through your blood.

Ultimately, the best way to get to know your natural cycle is to listen to how you truly feel.

Right now, tune into yourself and ask your energy what it would naturally enjoy right now?

These are some examples of what your energy may naturally be calling for:

  • laying low
  • flying high
  • wandering around
  • being laser-focused
  • laughing
  • crying
  • listening
  • talking
  • dancing
  • sitting still
  • going on an adventure
  • taking a nap
  • organizing closets
  • etc..


Notice what your energy would naturally enjoy (not what you think you should do, but what you actually want to do).

The more you pay attention to what you naturally are, and genuinely respect this as valuable communication, the more in-sync you’ll be with your creative cycle.

Today, I invite you to notice your energy. Where are you in your cycle? What is your energy calling you to do and be now?


If you’re curious you can check out my Yoni Personality Quiz for some added insight into your natural rhythm.


Honor your cycle by owning it.

Share what your energy feels like being/doing today in the comments below.

Give yourself permission to be where you are, and trust in the brilliance of your natural creative cycle.

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