I’m almost embarrassed to write this but I have to tell someone. (And what better place than an anomonus website lol) . I feel so naughty.

Background, Married, late 20s, no kids, grade school teacher, currently on summer break, Yay!!

Recently did a big yard project (removed a bunch it old trees from my yard, put up a vynil fence, sod, new furniture). Love it!

Well when we removed the trees, it created a perfect view right up to my one of my neighbors balcony / deck off his bedroom. The fence covers most of my yard, but because of the decroative top, I can see right up there from my "spot" Didn’t think anything of it until yesterday.

Neighbor is probably early 40s, business type, divorced, fit, and very attractive. I talk to him when I walk my dog if he’s outside playing with his kids and he seems like a cool guy.

Anyway, I was enjoying my morning coffee yesterday around 730am and i hear what I think is his bedroom / balcony door open. I look up from my coffee and couldn’t believe my eyes. He walked out totally nude. No towel, no flip flops, nothing… Bare everything . Lolol! I was shocked and naturally ducked down to make sure he couldn’t see me but I could see him. Honestly, he looked amazing. Fitter than I expected! He walked over to the front of the balcony and gave me a perfect rear view and his buns were great too!! He stood there for what seemed like an eternity to me but probably only 45 sec and then turned around (giving me the perfect frontal view) and then went back inside… I was embarrassed for him but also very turned on all day.

I figured it was a fluke and naturally went out there this AM to see if it happens again. I’m soooooo bad. Lol it’s research.
Well it did. Out he walks holding a towel, hangs it on the railing (must have just showered) and heads over to the front again completely nude. Mmmmm those buns are amazing.

So as he’s standing there he looks around like he’s checking to see if anyone can see him (theres lots of trees and coverage and it’s not a busy neighborhood) and then slides his hand down the front. I almost gasped out loud and had to put my hand over my mouth. Is this real life?? Omg! Is this really about to happen??

​​​​​Yep it’s happening. As I watch in awe, he begins to jirate a bit and wiggling those great buns around (almost like he’s humping his hand) for a few min. Lol. His back muscles are getting tenser and he starts to look up in the sky. He then turns to put his back to the house and I get a nice front angle view. Fully aroused and going to town. OMG!!! He leans against his house, puts his head up and back and then it happened. Although it’s a good distance from my yard, i could see everything crystal clear. Ill never forget the look on his face when he…. Um… Went. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

As soon as he was done, he looked around again almost like he was embarrassed for what just happened. Grabbed his towel and went back inside.

I’m sitting there like wtf just happened but so turned on! I went in the house and took care of myself thinking about what just happened.

I kinda feel bad now about the situation… Should I tell him I can see up on the balcony? Part of me wants to keep it a secret and enjoy the view all summer . It’s like what are the odds this would happen? What would you do if you were in my situation?



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