An industry expert talks about the dramatic impact that artificial intelligence (AI) is having on the medical device field.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have long been heralded as the future of transformative technologies. From diagnostic and imaging technologies to therapeutic applications and robotics, the potential for machine learning and AI technologies reaches almost every corner of the medtech world. So, what does that mean for the development and application of next-gen medical devices?

Dave Saunders is the chief technology officer of Galen Robotic, an emerging surgical robotics company that specializes in a new line of robotic technologies that provide a cooperatively controlled surgical platform. The company aims to provide robot-assisted technologies that can extend increased precision and unprecedented tool stabilization to microsurgery procedures.

Saunders has personally overseen the evolution of more than 40 different internet-based products from inception to market since 1991 and has led product development programs for virtual machine clustering and computer-vision-guided surgical tools. He’ll also be speaking at MD&M East in June where he’ll be covering the topic of “How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed Everything for Medical Devices.”

Saunders recently sat down to speak with MD+DI about how the current development and application for diagnostic and therapeutic devices is poised to explode once true AI arrives. He also discusses some of the challenges that new AI and machine learning technologies pose to device developers and explores the immediate impact that some of these new technologies will have on the market.

By Kristopher Sturgis | MD+DI




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