Domestic violence is a plague that describes a pattern of behaviour which involves any form of abuse in a domestic setting. Domestic violence is a problem that has been affecting our society for years. Whether marital violence or any kind of ferocity in cohabitation, domestic violence can take a number of forms, which may range from physical to verbal to emotional and even religious at times.

Though violence is not limited to any specific gender, for the abuser can be anyone and the abused can be anyone too, all happening in a domestic setting. Though to strictly stick to surveys, it has been observed that the ratio of women being tortured by men is pretty high. However, not every man is responsible for abuse and a majority of men do not come in an abusive relationship.

So as a responsible man and as a human, what can you do to stop domestic violence? There will come many opportunities when you will be able to stand up for another individual in need. There are many positive ways in which you can take an action against this monsterity and make a difference in the lives of these victims.

Read on and find out more about the steps you, as an individual can take against domestic violence.

1. Be A Positive Role Model To All

Be it your colleague or your child, be an ideal person that everyone should look up to. If a friend is abusive, then guide him in the right direction. You can also arrange for online dv classes with experts that may help them in the near future. As for your child, provide constant support and refrain from raising your voice in front of them. One of the main causes of domestic violence stems from exposure to violence from an early age. If you appear as a positive person, your child will reflect that while growing up.

2. Speak Up! Raise Your Voice Against The Oppressors

Domestic violence often goes unnoticed as the victim seldom speaks up. Be it because they are ashamed, or maybe because they do not want further problems, cases of domestic violence only escalates further. If you know a person who is facing any form of violence, then raise your voice against the tyrant. This can help bring a positive change in the attitude and change the norms regarding the violence.

3. Stop Demeaning Women In Any Form

There is a tendency to demean and discriminate women in the society. They are considered to be weak and feeble as compared to men. In fact many believe that women are better suited behind the walls of a house and have absolutely no business in the professional world. This causes a lot of insinuation which definitely triggers abuse. Stop doing that! Treat women equally. Stop any racist, sexist or homophobic prejudiced remarks. Degrading women is no way an achievement and you should start by changing the basic outlook.

4. Form A Group And Spread Awareness

If you want to take a widespread action then organised a group in your neighborhood and conduct awareness programs for all the locales. You can take help from other organisations and NGOs to conduct sessions. Reach out to victims who have been affected by this horrendous plague. Offer your support in any and all ways possible. Even if possible, ask some of them to share their experiences and how they fought against it. Though it may seem to be a very small step, it can potentially bring a lot of change in the society.

Therefore said steps are primary in nature but effective enough to start something new, something great. If you still know someone who is involved in any form of domestic violence, then court ordered domestic violence classes in Los Angeles with experts can be arranged which may successfully bring about modifications.



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