Has anyone ever told you “You’ve got your head in the clouds,” or that you need to “Get your feet on the ground?”

Comments like these usually refer to Creative Spirits who are often perceived as being ungrounded, unrealistic and living in a dream world.

I had an a-ha moment one day while watching a beautiful bird flying by.  I noticed it had its head in the clouds, and even though its feet were not on the ground, it was completely solid in itself and living in a way that was 100% practical.

In that moment, I realized we all ground ourselves in different ways.

A bird flying in the sky is grounded in its naturalness.

In our human life, the idea of being grounded often refers to someone who is connected with the earth in practical, solid, logical, and provable ways. Although all these qualities are valuable, they may not be the way in which Creative Spirits naturally land in themselves.

I decided to create an art image to express how to be grounded and flying in the dream world at the same time.

You can see a behind the scenes video of the making of the grounded Red Bird here…



I worked with photographer Stephanie Pehar to capture this grounded bird image.  Alannah Mason bodypainted a Red Bird on my heart using one of my bird sketches.  We shot this on a green screen so we could add one of my sky brushstroke paintings in post.

I covered myself with Bentonite Clay to symbolize the idea of being grounded and connected with the earth.

The Bentonite Clay became a foundation for my Creative Spirit, symbolized by the Red Bird.

The clay was gooey and cool. It had a bit of a crunch when it dried and cracked on my skin. It was an interesting sensation to be flapping my arms like wings while feeling the crisp crunch of the earth at the same time.


All the elements came together in the final image. The clay base became the sky for my Creative Spirit to soar.

Each time I look at this image, I’m reminded that we all ground ourselves in different ways.

The way to get grounded is to root into your naturalness so it can support you. 


Being grounded is a about being solid within yourself.

As a Creative Spirit, the way to get grounded is to discover what is natural for you and give yourself permission to root into that.

Some of the ways I ground myself are by:

  • expressing myself creatively
  • thinking about ideas
  • reflecting on life
  • spending time in nature
  • cuddling with my sweetie
  • indulging in self-care rituals

You get to create your own ground by cultivating practices that support your naturalness.


How do you get grounded as a Creative Spirit?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. We all can benefit from your insights and experience.

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