How Many Times a Week Should You Workout (3 or 7) | How often should you lift weights & do cardio?


How many times a week should you workout to build muscle and burn fat? Is three days a week best or 7? How often should you lift weights and do cardio? If you’re wondering how many days a week you should be training to get maximal results, watch this video.

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Forward Momentum: 1:37
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Over-Reaching: 3:04
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How many times a week should you workout to achieve the fastest and best results possible? That’s a question that I’m asked almost on a daily basis. Should I workout every single day should I only work out 3 times a week what’s the best method? Well im today’s video I’m going answer this question in a way that’ll end this debate once and for all. Let’s start by taking a look at the pros and cons of working out more frequently. Is there a benefit of working out 7 days a week? Most people would say no because you’re not giving your body any time to recover and Recovery is when your muscles grow. However an instant benefit of working out everyday is the insane forward momentum that you’re going to generate. People very rarely consider the impact of momentum on their Fitness routine. You guys have heard an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an external force and the same thing vice versa an object at rest stays at rest again unless acted on by an external force. Well when you work out 7 days a week contrary to popular belief it’s super easy to never miss workouts. The main reason why is because we’re creatures of habit and another reason why is because you have to spend zero time debating about whether to work out that day or not. So you don’t tax any willpower. It’s just a set part of your day everyday you go to the gym and you get your workout in, no questions asked. It’s just part of your routine, your habits that you engage in every single day. Believe it or not this can be super powerful I’ve done both working out 3 days a week and working out 7 days a week and believe it or not sometimes it was harder for me to make it to my 3 days a week then it was for me to make it to the gym every single day. And this is again attributed only to forward momentum. Momentum is something that’s not really talked about enough and it’s a shame because it really matters. To illustrate the power of momentum the reverse of working out everday would be not working out for let’s say the last year. I think we can all agree that getting your butt back into the gym after not working out for a year is about a billion times harder then getting to the gym after not working out for a day. The reason for that is because of momentum. Another advantage of working out everyday is that you have the ability of hitting your muscle groups more frequently. So if you’re trying to build muscle especially as a natural, to stimulate protein synthesis you’re going to have to work out more frequently. The best results that I’ve gotten in regard to building muscle have always come from hitting each of my muscle groups twice a week. Whenever I would try to hit my muscle groups once a week my progress would slow down. With a split routine like chest and back on one day legs on the next day and then biceps triceps and shoulders on the third day you can just take a day off and repeat that for a second time within one week. This will cause your muscles to get twice the amount of stimulation allowing you to build muscle faster as a natural lifter. So working out more frequently like 6 days a week or even every day does have a lot of benefits but there are cons as well. If you work out everyday you’re going to have a really tough time on the days that you’re inevitably sore from one of your previous workouts. This could eventually lead to what’s called over-reaching which is the precursor to overtraining. When you start over reaching and eventually when you over-train it’s like hitting a wall. all your energy is gone and you start getting less and less returns even though you’re putting in more and more work at the gym. That’s why even if you are working out everyday you should plan an occasional rest day or even a full week of rest. Resting for a week could really do you a lot of good. You may be surprised when you come back even stronger because you let your body fully recover. Speaking of strength, working out more frequently is probably not the best strategy for strict strength gains. If you’re trying to go more so for powerlifting strength gains… 3 days a week will probably be way better of a strategy for you to follow because that will allow the optimal amount of time for not only your muscles to recover

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  1. I do 6 days a week after 3-4 years progress just stopped doesnt matter how much i change it up or progressive overload, past 6 years allmost nothing happened

  2. 🔥🔥🔥 full body workout everyday ~ 1hr. Resting on days your busy or on vacation, etc.. for goals of staying ripped and lean 🔥🔥🔥. That’s how I keep MOMENTUM

  3. How about workouts per day? Let's say you lift weights for 10 minutes. Is that it for the day? Or is it ok to do 3 10 minute sessions?

    I follow a workout where i do 7 bicep curls, overhead lifts, squats (with weights), bent over rows, and dead lifts. Then i do 6 reps of everything that i just mentioned, then 5, then 4 etc all the way down to 1. I do that at a weight where i can just manage the last curl, lift squat, etc. Here's the question (and it applies to any workout routine) – are we meant to do that just once a day, or several times a day? I try to do my routine 3 times a day. That's ok, isn't it? It's probably only 5 minutes rather than 10 minutes, but at the end of it i can't lift the weights any more.

    So again… All the x reps and x sets advice, is that just once a day? Or as often as you can do it?

  4. I only rest on a Sunday and it works for me but everyone is different.
    You don't stop cos you get old, you get old cos you stop. I always think about that when I wanna rest too much

  5. You can also do some calisthenics at home to save some time from having to go to the gym. Just make sure you learn it properly and take your time. That's what I do push pull squat hinge. I also invested into a dumbell bench and some weights for my house. That way I have more options depending on how my body is feeling. If my abs need rest from the prior day and i am having a hard time doing my normal routine, I have no problem doing some lifting for arm chest, back, and neck strength. And if my upper body is still recovering I work 0n core or legs. If legs need a rest go to upper body. I also work minimum 40 hrs a week with a 3 hour commute each day and still manage to get my groceries, and pay bills. I don't have kids though. So it's much easier for me to find time. But attitude and discipline are important for self growth. You have to want to be the best you can be with whatever you got. If you have kids and work a lot like me. Then at least find 1 hr a week. Even a little exercise goes a long way if done consistently. Just watch your nutrition. And if you work a lot like me then you should have the money for good nutrition. Also cutting back on carbs saves huge amount of money IMO.

  6. I just started working out a month ago, and working out 6 days a week seems to be the best strategy for me right now. I’m one of those people who, unfortunately, is all or nothing with pretty much everything I do, so working out more often seems to be the only way to keep the momentum going. Going 3 or 4 days a week would take more discipline, weirdly.

  7. If you really want to "gain muscle," vary your workouts with different types of exercises to shock your body into growth …and "rest whenever you can" (one or more days per week) for muscle-repair-and-growth… Also, focus more on your body parts that are lagging behind… take photos of yourself (front, sides, and back), like "Arnold" did, to monitor your progress…Eat healthful balanced meals…add healthy protein snacks in between meals… ON THE CONTRARY, if you just want to "lose weight" and not necessarily desire to gain muscle mass, workout "as much intensely as you can, "doing a variety of exercises without taking too many days off"…Eat healthful, balanced and proportioned meals…

  8. i go 6 times and skip leg day. no, just kidding.
    but i feel much better with 6 times a week, because of the daily rountine and hitting a muscle twice a week just works out very good for me. 3 days a week ain't enough from my point of view and the results are far inferior than from 6 days.

  9. This guy is any idiot, just hit each muscle group and when one of those muscle groups are finally free from soreness, hit that muscle group again. Be on your body's schedule, no wonder this guy has barely any gains, he's an idiot.

  10. Morning 5am-7am intense workout eat first meal at 9 eat all day dinner salads and fruit sleep. out 7 days a week for a month take a week rest. saturday fast sunday run repeat. Just made up.


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