How to Cook Chicken with Marsala Sauce | easy chicken marsala recipe | delicious chicken marinade


Chicken marsala is a delicious recipe and in this video you will learn how to cook chicken pieces with marsala marinade and how to make the marsala sauce completely from scratch.

You can find more delicious chicken recipes at which is one of the most popular recipe websites on the internet. Chicken marsala can be cooked using chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, chicken breast or you can use a marsala sauce to cook a whole chicken if you like.

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This delicious marinade can be used with baked chicken and baked chicken by adding to chicken before placing in oven as shown in this video. Marsala sauce is a fantastic marinade for chicken kebabs and other chicken apetizers as well.

An important thing to remeber when learning how to cook chicken is to ensure that the chicken is well cooked. Uncooked chicken can lead to illness if eaten so checking that your chicken is well cooked is a great way to enjoy a good quality meal.

How to Cook Chicken with a Delicious Marsala Marinade




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