How to cook kfc original fried chicken recipe | kfc original chicken recipe at home


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Mix all purpose flour, Paprika, white pepper, oregano, garlic, ginger, cilli powder and salt. Cover marinated chicken with spicy all purpose flour mix and then with bread crumbs. Heat oil in a thick bottom kadai and deep fry the chicken in a slow fire till it is cooked and trasfer the cooked chicken to oven and bake it about 5 min on 210 C.

Thats how you can cook kfc original fried chicken recipe at your home.

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Garlic Salt
Ground Ginger
Onion Powder

KFC Fried Chicken | KFC fried chicken recipe | how to make kfc fried chicken | kfc fried chicken secret recipe

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  1. Are you stupid or what?
    You are to young to know what the original KFC's chicken tasted like!

    What you get at KFC now is not the original recipe.

    Get some education!

    Harlin Sanders was at odds with the owners of KFC after he sold out most of his interests in the chain. The issues we're they were not using his recipe, for the chicken or his gravy recipe. There was no quality in the food any longer.

    Years ago and I do mean many years ago, KFC'S chicken was outstanding.

    Now days it is crap compared to what it once was.

    So now here you come thinking you know something, and all your doing is trying to teach others how to make crap.

    Show us something that you have created, and you have found it very tasty.

  2. Let's admit one thing that no one has reached the the level of quality of KFC. Then why every one posts pretending that his/ her recipe is KFC. for God sake dont do that. You have posted your own recipe which is excellent. Why to use name KFC all the time???

  3. KFC 'style' NOT the full colonels recipie for extra tasty crispy. no one knows the recipie except 1 person on earth. 3 of the ingredients are totally secret. you can come close but youll never hit it exactly. its a patented trade secret. even the factory where they put the flour mix together they don't even know what theyre mixing.


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