How to cook the worlds BEST chicken Steak | Food hacks | Quick recipes


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  1. Yuckkk!!!!!! This is the worst way to do a chicken brest!!!!! Don.t try this at home!!!!! Alots of mistakes…..tooooo much oil..don.t move the chichen when is in the pan…don.t put the garlic until the last minute and don.t choped..just crushed..because litle peaces of garlic in hot 1 minut it.s burned and becomes very toxic and bitter..and destroy the taste of meat……and your garlic is long time burned…

  2. Wrong way! The chicken breast should always be cooked skin side first rather than inner side first. And you should season it before pan frying it. And add garlic just before the whole process is done. And lastly the garlic should be whole and crushed rather than finely chopped


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