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Fruit Roll Up Recipe: Fruit Roll-Ups that you buy from the store are filled with preservatives and artificial flavors. These homemade ones are healthy and delicious. What other flavors would you like to see us make? Post your comments below.

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  1. I have a confection oven, and I’ve got raspberries spread on a silicone sheet, set at 170°. They’ve been in the oven for 9 hours and still not done! It was only supposed to take 6 hours this way…That’s what I read to do…now that I’ve watched this, I just turned the temp up to 200°….hope I don’t burn the house down!

  2. That is not very sanitary letting him spoon the leather paste lick it off the spoon and then doing it all over again. He is transferring his saliva into the the leather paste. The saliva will break that area down and the transference of bacteria growth in the fruit leather. That is not a good thing for other kids eating the fruit leather that is contaminated. Could make the kids seriously sick.

  3. I have a yard full of jackfruit and mango and I just over the course of 3 days cut and defruited a whole jack fruit and 15-20 mangoes and am trying to make fruit leather for the first time with it. Jackfruit turns into a pudding w/o extra water after blending because of a thick gum inside of the fruit so I had to add water then boil to kill germs and got 4 large trays 1 cm thick covering the whole pan. I'm disabled so this for me is a way to have sweets without eating or buying any junk food. I had an entire bowl of mango puree that went good with some chicken my dad cooked the other day. He too is disabled so everything takes extra long but if I can get this to work, Cross fingers, hopefully it will get eaten up and the fruit won't go to the trash since we couldn't process it fast enough even after give away lot of it. At least our soil benefits a bit. I heard Jack fruit seeds can be dried into powder so that's the next one small step at a time task to try to eat better and save money on groceries. Dad planted treas 30 years ago and kept doing it so we'd have food in case of being strapped for cash and it does come in handy 4 that purpose. If we do buy produce we save seeds and toss them in the yard to grow and what we get back is really a good budget control and nutritional, medicinal help. So don't just buy fruit, plant trees, even indoors you can do this for fruit and to have a nicer home if where you live doesn't have a yard. We used to toss seeds into the forest area near our house and stuff just grows and boom we have a nicer neighbor hood and the kids who ask for fruit, we're happy to give it because they need nutrition.

  4. 250 Fahrenheit is 120 Celsius. This is faaaar too high. Of course that it came out overbooked and I can throw this in the garbage. 70 Celsius is normal temperature for this. It should be 170F ( 70 C).

  5. I think i made mine to thick the middle was like a liquid filled pillow and the outsides burned/turned out kinda like it but not really i had yo use the agava though HELP!!!

  6. You have such amazing patience! And yay! So glad you said 2, 3 hours at 270 degrees because most say leave oven on overnight at 175…i dont feel comfortable with that. Thank you! Cant wait to try this!!

  7. I followed along on this but I substituted tuna fish (sunkist can about 1 pound all in all) and one jar of mayonaisee (Helmens') mixed very well and chilled about 15 minutes and then heated at 240 for 15 minutes,. It basically came out like a gel or paste that one could put in a cup or a bowl but I did it on a baking parchement sheet of paper .You want it to be dry before and rolling it onto the paper in a thin manner, and then you can reheat it in the oven before using the scissors to roll it up for dipping into maybe a pickle mustard relish or even cream of wheat?

    * NOTE – – Not a big fan of sugar in tuna but some swear by it


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