How To Maximize Your Training Split | The Bodybuilding Coach


Nick Trigili explains how to perfect your training split for the best gains no matter how busy you get.

THE BODYBUILDING COACH – is a weekly digital series hosted by Nick Trigili that breaks down the biggest topics, training guides, nutrition tips, and realities behind supplements & drugs in bodybuilding. Based off of a perfect balance of research and personal experience, Nick will go in-depth about how the new era of bodybuilding works with tried, true, and valuable information that is rarely discussed elsewhere. New episodes air every Wednesday.

There are many different workout plans and schedules in bodybuilding – and which one works best largely depends on the person and their lifestyle. One popular workout method is split training. Breaking up different muscle groups into separate workouts on different days of the week. But life happens, schedules change, and sometimes your workout schedule is no longer as efficient as it used to be.

In this week’s episode of The Bodybuilding Coach, Nick Trigili breaks down the key tactics to making sure your bodybuilding training split is maximized for any life situation that gets thrown your way. And more importantly he explains in detail the best way to get the most gains out of your workout split – so you can squeeze the best progress out of every single second of the day. Check it out above!

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