“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” – Rumi
Taking the time each day to practice feeling compassion and gratitude lifts our mood and helps us to live life authentically from our hearts. When we start to make this a daily practice, everyone around us is affected positively. Others will become inspired by the beautiful way that you are experiencing the world. The children in your life will see their parents and loved ones reacting to stress from a centered place, making kind choices and feeling grateful for what is positive. The most powerful way to teach these values to our children is to practice them ourselves, to truly live it ourselves. Invite time to practice compassion and gratitude in each moment.
Here is a list full of simple but powerful acts of kindness and gratitude that children and families can do together-
Smile at everyone you see todayHug your sibling and tell them what you like about them the mostAsk your neighbors if they need help with somethingMake a card telling someone what they mean to you and mail itDraw a picture of a peaceful place and give it to a friendMake a meal or dessert together as a family and give half of it to someone elseAt dinner go around the table and say one thing you appreciate about each personDo a household chore without being askedWrite a happy message/draw a happy picture on a sidewalk with chalkPaint hearts on rocks and place them outside in places where people will see themCut out 6 hearts and give them to 6 people you loveGo for a walk and pick up any trash that you find along the wayLeave a flower on someone’s doorstepMake a bird feeder and put it outsideMake a wish with all of your heart for someone you knowMake a wish with all of your heart for someone you don’t know


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