Hunters Chicken Recipe – Chicken Chasseur By the French Cooking Academy


chicken chasseur recipe: the chicken chasseur or (poulet sauté chasseur) is a classic French stew made with sauteed pieces of chicken, serve with a sauce made using a combination of brown chicken stock, tomato sauce, mushrooms, shallots and fresh herbs (tarragon and parsley) . it is best made using a cast iron dutch oven. Goes well with a side of potatoes or quality tagliatelli and a bottle of dry white wine like a Muscadet wine.

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You can pair this dish with tagliatelle, rice or boiled potatoes, or potato gratin


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  1. C'est géniale de montrer au public anglophone, avec cette exquise simplicité, la réalisation de ces grands et beaux classiques de la gastronomie française. Aussi, c'est moi ou j'ai l"impression qu'il n’existe quasi pas d’équivalent de ce type de contenu(de cette qualité du moins) en langue française? En tout cas bravo à toi et merci.

  2. Subscribed. I do enjoy the fact I can understand him when he talks. A lot of the french chefs I see on YouTube tend to have a very thick accent. I would like to know if you are living in France or somewhere else because I can here a little bit of another accent also. This looks amazing and I plan on making it real soon.

  3. Lovely recipe, but I converted the ingredient amount so the instructions became somewhat unclear. Ingredients list calls for unnamed ‘chicken’ parts, but method names ‘thighs’ twice. I converted the recipe for two servings. The butter for the sauce is shown as 5 grams, yet referred to as a Tablespoon (15ml) in the method. 5g of butter is actually a teaspoon (5ml). Herbs are shown as 0.5 (half) tablespoon, but the text says Tablespoons. Maybe stick with grams? Perhaps if you do not repeat the measures within the text it won’t confuse those who utilize the converter? Thanks very much.

  4. I know it's not authentic/best practise, but is it possible to do the same dish in non-stick pots and use less oil to make it a bit more healthy on a day-to-day basis? And save all that oil and butter for special occasions?
    Love your channel! I only found it recently, and I'm glad I did!

  5. Wonderful. I especially like how you use the lesser bits of the chicken to prepare the sauce. I think this would work well with wild game like rabbit as well, where there are smaller bones and back without much meat, but with flavor to lend. Thanks!!!

  6. French food has somehow been assassinated in the US by those hipsters eateries. Thank you for showing some of the old traditional recipes. Every culture has a similar form of Chicken Chasseur. They are always rich, flavorful, brawny and very organic. Job well done. Think I will try that recipe tomorrow.

  7. He’s from the “la Gastronomie” generation! Maybe not first second or third generation but look at the influences! Thanks for this! Looking forward to checking out some more recipes!

  8. Very good recipe. The tarragon really makes the dish. Alas, I did not have any cognac or ordinary white wine on hand, so I deglazed with sherry (I figure a dry fortified wine is pretty close to a dry white wine plus some cognac) – the results were still delicious.

    I love your utterly unpretentious delivery and clear instructions. Great channel.

  9. Great chicken chasseur recipe!
    Just be careful if you use that style pot on a range top. They are made for baking. I've used one that had been in my family for over 50 years without worry on the range top same as in this video for another 15 years. Then it broke. Was a sad day. Better to use cast iron without the porcelain coating, and to only heat up slowly, same as with any cast iron product, if you want to use the range top. Rapid temp changes cause the porcelain to crack eventually with range top use.

  10. Made this recipe for dinner this evening. It was SUPERB! The rich sauce, infused with tarragon, parsley, and shallots, was a hit with the whole family. I served the chicken chasseur with glazed carrots and mashed potatoes (with the sauce over the potatoes). The meal went well with a Keuka Lake Vineyards 2015 semi-dry riesling. Finished the meal with my raspberry compote crepes, and now I'm the hero of the day. Many thanks for the outstanding direction and a truly superb recipe.


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