I Got My First Tattoo|Full Leg Workout| Tracking Macros At Whole Foods


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  1. Love the voice overs on the workouts cuz tbh I usually tap through them but I was curious to know what you were saying! Lol love the tat! I have two and I’m preparing for my sleeve

  2. congratulations, your skin is just wasted forever, look on the bright side of it, you just got rid of most of the possible future males, since majority does not like it, at least now we can ask you, "hey Lexy how many years did you spent in the prison to get that?"

  3. If it means somthing to you then it maters if that neckless help you out with your mother and family great glad to hear lexi good job
    And over Yes the new one razzle berry drink it's good i think better then bangs some times lol
    But you said you more a bar girl then would you settle for a truck tailgate and iced down beer lol
    Sourthen boy here white t work boots jeans ain't afraid of work
    What you looking at pretty boy smirk
    Lol sounds like a country music/song

  4. Awesome tattoo! I’ll be getting my first tattoo this summer and it’s going to be a cross to represent my faith and love for God! You are looking absolutely beautiful and incredible Lexi! You are crushing it! You are always putting out great content and always being a great friend! Keep up the good work my friend!

  5. it’s so funny that we are all actually soul sisters bc ASK KATY i’ve been wanting to get an unalome with a lotus tattoo and you guys freaking got each one and i’m obsessed. love you beyond words


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