This year I’ve decided to put together handbooks for the instructional assistants in my classroom. In the past I have always just done everything verbally but I felt as if I was having to go over things at least monthly regarding expectations I had for my IA’s and also for my kids. I’ve had long term subs come in and also have had changes in staff throughout the year. Now, all the information will be in one place. All I will have to do is hand any new aide a handbook that will have all the information they will need about my classroom and my kids. The handbook will also include my IEP at a glance form for each student in our room. It includes basic information about each student, their goals and a list of activities the IA’s can work on with the kids that will help us achieve the goal (games, task box numbers, etc.).

Let me tell you what’s included in the handbook.

1. Descriptions/characteristics of exceptionalities of the students you will be working with
2. Your role in the classroom
3. Expectations
4. Classroom guidelines
5. Dealing with behaviors
6. Welcome to Holland poem
7. IEP at a Glance (for each student in our room)
8. Sample – Goal Date Tracking Form
9. Student cleaning schedule for the year (by table)
10. District attendance calendar
11. Early out/late start calendar 

I am hoping the handbooks will be received well and they appreciate the information inside. I do plan on us going over it together within the first week of school. I am hoping that there will no longer be excuses of not knowing things as I will be able to refer back to the handbooks when needed. I am hoping too that they will now have more information regarding other students in our room and not just the 3 at their table who they are responsible for. 

I did run it by a good friend who is an IA at a different school (and a union rep) as well as my admin just to make sure everything in the handbook was fair of me to ask of them. I’ll let you know what my aides think of their new handbooks in a few weeks.


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