How did it get to be the first week of June?!

It’s embarrassing for me to realize that I haven’t posted anything here since the first of April. And I apologize for that. Many things have happened though! So what have I been doing all of this time, other than hiding away with a book?

(ok, there was plenty of that, I admit)


-Continued treatment for bronchitis = another antibiotic
-Substitute teaching (this saps so much energy)
HealtheVoices conference in Chicago! (WONDERFUL!)
-Beach trip to Florida with family
-Severe RA flare-up in both feet and ankles
-Oral thrush treatment while in Florida
-Road trip to Omaha with my sister to see U2 play a show (WONDERFUL!)
-Chronic tension headaches and jaw pain come back with a vengeance
-Started acupuncture again
-Suspected sinus infection, yet again (as of 6/5/18)

Way more sickness and pain than fun has been happening during these months, sadly, but I’m feeling hopeful that the tide is turning. HealtheVoices was an incredible and inspiring experience once again (I’ve attended twice before) and I do plan to write about it soon. I must!

The Florida and Omaha trips were big lessons in self-care and I still need and want to reflect on both of those experiences.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic and lovely spring/summer and that it’s as pain-free as possible. Apologies again for lapsing so badly with this blog! I have been keeping up with my RA Facebook and Instagram pages, though. Please follow if you don’t already! 🙂



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