Thanks for watching! This is an intense cardio workout, so I highly recommend more stretching and to drink plenty of water.

Every Day by Winner – warmup – sarahkaypop
I Got A Boy by SNSD – kpopxfitness
Mic Drop – BTS – kkardio
Navillera – Gfriend – sarahkaypop4
– airplane pt.2 by bts on mnet –
Boombayah by Blackpink – kkardio
Very Nice by Seventeen – sarahkaypop
Breathless by Astro – sarahkaypop
– bad boy by red velvet on mnet-
Ninano by Minzy – kkardio
Latata by (G)-Idle – kkardio
Blood, Sweat, and Tears by BTS – kkardio
– sunrise by gfriend on mnet –
Daddy by Psy – kpopxfitness
Run by BTS – sarahkaypop
Hot Pink by Exid – sarahkaypop
– pour up by dean ft. zico on mnet –
Shangri La by Vixx – sarahkaypop
Sing For You by EXO – cool down – sarahkaypop

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  1. Omg I got so tired. I guess it really works.
    I'm going to do each one of the workouts and see how much I will lose in one week.
    You should continue doing this kind of video!!!

  2. I only managed 10 minutes of an hour.
    I've been very inactive most of my life and when trying to imitate the moves I was more like an ungraceful giraffe. However, this workout routine is far more fun than whatever else I may have tried in my life, so I guess I'll set my goal to one day be able to finish the hour routine without stopping. Seems reasonable, I guess.
    Now, how often should I try without actually hurting myself and overexercising?

  3. I did it entirely today after pausing and stopping last monday at astro's song in the middle and now that I did it entirely I feel so happy and proud of myself :') Thank you for putting some streching at the end, it was very much needed 😂
    It was a very funny and cool video, I loved the memes between each songs, it kept me going !💕💕
    The worst part was Psy's Daddy omg my thighs were burning😆

  4. I just finished this super fun workout and today was my first day and i feel amazing

    Day 2: okay so i did the workout again today , it was hella hard today, yesterday it was hard but i could still get throught it so i think it has something to do with my eating, so tmrw imma try to eat a lot healthier and i’ll let u guys know how it went 💗🤦🏾‍♀️

    Day 3: Okay so i finished the workout for day 3 and it was really fun and easier than yesterday and i ate healthier so yeah, also i lost 2 pounds so i'll type u guys tmrw

  5. Omg Im at the first water break and im sweating I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤
    Edit: I weigh 67 kg my goal weight is 50-52 kg hopefully I can lose it in no time this will help me alot!
    4/11 lost 1 kg!!! I'm mixing kpop dance and cardio 😉
    4/17 Down to 65 guys 😭💕 I wasn't able to exercise for 2 days since I got really busy but Im back on track. I also walk for 3-5 km if I can


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