Intense Oblique Ab Workout (BEST EXERCISES)





Welcome back, my loves!

This week, I have created an intense workout. It’s easy to forget about these muscles and focus on just the main core area of our abs. But the oblique’s are so important as they created the lines down the side of the stomach and they are great for creating strength in our cores.

This workout is 10 minutes and of course, just do what you can. If you need to pause the video at any point, please do and just take a break before coming right back.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the workout!

Love, Holly x

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Disclaimer: I am not a PT, this is just a passion of mine.



  1. 🌻🌷Aloha Holly🌺
    From the Island of Hawaii🏖🏄
    Thank you👏👏👏😉💖 again for an amazing oblique workout💪it was challenging💚💜 & got a good sweat of it, my Abs are sore👙.
    Love your Music🎶🎷selection. Have a pleasant day or evening & God bless you❤😇Mahalo🤘🤘😎💞💙

  2. Hello Holly Dolke!I'm just new to your channel^_^.I just wanna ask you a little favor?If its okay?
    Can you help me for the workout schedules?like for monday is abs day,tuesday arms,wednesday legs,?Can you help me?Im very confused I dont know where i start hahaha!I hope you reply me!Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Holly!💜 I just need some advice when it comes to working obliques. I heard that if you want a small wasit particularly the hour glass shape to avoid obliques exercises because they widen your waist? I'm a natural hourglass and I'm kind of worried about losing it if I do these type of exercises. Will i? Thanks for your response 💕

  4. Please dont hate, im only giving my personal opinion so if u want to say something not nice to me then goodbye 👋 . So here it goes, honestly not my favourite workout 🙁, I don’t like the no break concept for this particular workout as it gives no time to get into the next position and also for beginners that don’t know what they’re doing they’d probably prefer not having the instructions when you’re already meant to be doing it. I’d rather seconds (like 45 sec) than how many reps because taking into consideration, beginners and others are not all at the same level trying to fit in the same amount of reps as whoever may be doing the video in the same amount of time. Also with the voiceover when giving the directions and the girl counting, it can mess some people up. It can also be frustrating to some having to pause the video often just to prepare or understand the movement. Not hating, I know that sounded harsh, im just giving feedback to improve the range of audience this very pretty and clearly fit women gets. Thanks ❤️

  5. I really like your channel as it focuses on abs and centre of body. So different!!! Everyone is always on booty. I appreciate your efforts for this area as many women struggle with this region.

  6. Thanks for another amazing workout Holly! One question: do you do these 10 minute workouts multiple times, such as for instance three times through or do you do them just the once? Thanks again, I really appreciate all your efforts! x x x


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