Intermediate Energizing Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 20 Minutes (Standing Poses)


Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward – Here’s a quick and energizing Power Vinyasa Flow yoga class for intermediate and strong beginner students. This 20 minute yoga sequence will give you an energy boost and wake up the entire body. We flow through standing poses only (no seated and supine poses) and explore different chaturanga variations.

If you have more time to practice after this yoga class, I recommend following it up any of my videos below. These are the perfect complement to this power yoga flow workout!

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  1. Every time Maris corrected breathing or told you to 'hold it' or 'keep the knee in the lunge'' was spot on/the second I was weakening or felt strain, as if being in a real class! Awesome. Thank you

  2. I love all your practices , I do them daily , and this is the best 20 minute ever. Just as you say …  energy boost, wakes up your body and your mind and challenging postures. LOVE IT  ,  thank you so much !!

  3. That was outstanding. You convinced me very easily to subscribe. With your practice I’ll be able to gently progress from intermediate to advanced at a pace I feel comfortable with. Thank you x

  4. Thank you very much Maris for this video. You and your videos are part of my gratitude this morning. Your videos are very well done and often just what i need for my physical and mental practice. You are a strong teacher and videos are balanced and well thought out.

    Thank you again. We're grateful to have you on YouTube 🙂 🙂

  5. Maris! Thank you for your wonderful online yoga videos. I used to practice regularly and got way too busy to attend classes. You have helped bring yoga back into my life; whether I only have time for a 20-minute energizer or can dive into a full 60-minute whole body practice. All of your classes are satisfying, instructive, well thought out and enjoyable. Thanks again and keep 'em coming! Namaste.

  6. After 1 year of doing your videos more than once a week, I have decided that is time to finally thank you for taking the time to share with everyone your knowledge. Thank you, you make my days a little bit better every time! 🙂

  7. Had only exactly 20 minutes to spare and I really wanted an invigorating practice that made me sweat, and most importantly, clear and fluid instructions without the extra commentary, just like a regular yoga class — this was it! I realise your newer videos had better audio quality, so I've officially subscribed. Thank you!

  8. thank you for this, i enjoyed it a lot! I'm not an expert yogi & i don't do it often but i'd like to bc it really makes me feel great afterward. w this i was able to do it in the comfort of my own home. overall great & extremely well rounded. thanks again!

  9. Thank you this was such a great practice – I felt re-energised and relaxed after the 20 minute session. It was a really good pace too . I'll defo have a look at your other videos.

  10. Thank you Maris for that energizing pick me up sequence. You are indeed at your best every time you lead us. Am just so impressed with your teaching style, the clarity of your instructions, your voice, we Filipinos are so proud of you Maris that you are at par or even better with your foreign counterparts!

    Zina Rosales

  11. Hi Maris, It was my first time doing this practice…iI loved it! After a 2 mile off road run it was the perfect companion to help energize me for the day ahead and really help with my core. thank you

  12. I've never commented on a youtube video before but I have to because this was a great practice. Short, well rounded, and intermediate level with different modifications and challenges offered.


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