Intermediate Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 60 Minutes


This is a full 1 hour total body vinyasa flow yoga class for intermediate students. In this practice you will enhance your strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. There is a 5 minute Savasana at the end of class to help you relax.

I recommend this for intermediate students who are familiar with common yoga poses because there is minimal instruction in most of the sequences. This gives you a chance to really tune in to the breath and pay attention to the sensations and subtle energy in the body. Enjoy this strong, dynamic, and mindful yoga practice.

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  2. Oh it was such a nice class! It was my first time practicing yoga with you, and I am so happy I found you! Great flow, great voice, great pace, your instructions were so clear I didn't need to look at the desk but if I did, I was so happy about the wonderful tree in the background…! Thank you so much! Namaste

  3. This may well be one of my favorite classes of all times after many years of yoga. Paced perfectly, peaceful, excellent whole-body workout and doable by even an older person already having fair strength and flexibility. Beautifully done, and thank you!

  4. This is the best flow I've done with the perfect combination of strenght, balance, stretch and meditation. Also love the variations for advanced practice. I would LOVE to see more like this! Pleeeease! 😊

  5. This was a great class! I missed my live 1 hour class today and this was a perfect substitute for a live class!! A nice challenge and some poses I don;t normally get in my live classes (hero, wheel). Thank you for providing such a nice class on youtube!

  6. Great video! I really like that you took us all the way through shavasana. Many videos end after getting into the pose, only to make me disturb what I created to stop the next video from playing. Thank you!!

  7. I didn't feel like working out, and I could see my mind felt a bit jumbled. I decided to do this workout, which was so nice, peaceful and relaxing. Afterwards, I do feel a sense of being filled with positivity, but I don't feel like it was much of a workout. Thanks!


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