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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

Intuitive art journaling is one of my favorite ways to work through feelings, let go of stress, and play with art. It’s a journey that started for me in graduate school, as I learned to use my journal not just to write, but to process my feelings through a combination of words and images. I find that I can breathe again after I get things out when I’m stressed or confused. There’s often a sense of adventure when I’m open to the mystery of what can unfold on the page instead of trying to manufacture and control the images. For me working intuitively is like a mindful prayer. It’s contemplative. It’s present. And for those reasons it’s both grounding and inspirational.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how one intuitive art journaling page unfolded. You’ll see how I combine writing about my feelings with an open-ended painting process. Sometimes it’s important to just focus on something simple, like color; that was my focus with this page.



5 Tips for Making an Intuitive Art Journal Page

  1. Start by writing about your feelings.
  2. Cover your writing with a color that feels good to you. Dry your paint.
  3. Make shapes in a contrasting color, and let them vary a bit in tone and size.
  4. Collage with scraps or tiny pieces of your own art.
  5. Stand back frequently to see what your work might want or need and follow your instincts, even if the idea seems “weird,” those are usually the best!


Fluid Art Journaling Supplies: 

High flow acrylic paints

Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal

Strathmore mixed media board, cut to 2 inch squares

Art brushes


Paint rag/ paper towels

Parchment paper or wax paper for protecting other pages from paint run off


Intuitive Art Journaling with High Flow Paints

If you are looking for more guidance on how to use high flow acrylic paints in an intuitive, playful way in your journal, Fluid Art can help you find artistic joy with these playful, addictive paints. Learn more about Fluid Art here.


I’d love to know how your intuitive process unfolds in your journal. Will you share about it in the comments?

Creatively Yours,




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