Inversions Simplified | Intermediate Yoga With Tara Stiles


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Upside down poses are not as difficult as they may appear. Today, I breakdown Inversions, so that you can easily enjoy this great style of move.

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Led by inspirational teacher and “Yoga Rebel” Tara Stiles, The Yoga Solution is a weekly series that offers fun and simple ways for yoga to help improve your life. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Tara’s easy-to-follow and approachable manner will guide you towards living well every day.

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  1. Thank you so much! I have really been struggling with getting into a handstand and although I still haven't quite got there I am so glad to learn there is no need to 'kick up' – as I think this is my main struggle. After watching this vid, I got into my first headstand. Thank you!!

  2. I love your voice, I can't handle alot of female yoga teachers because of the whispery high pitched (condescending) voice. thank you for not doing that and using your natural talking voice. great video, I'll get there one day.

  3. This woman is a great yoga teacher and she really does help you prep for these poses, however there is so much basic training that goes into even trying to attempt this. I'm talking about years of beginner yoga and constant strength building to get the muscles you need for this. I took me a year of constant yoga to get the crane poses for just a few poses. another pregnancy and im now back to square one.


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