Saturday, July 1st    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

Ahhhh….the age old question! Is the Ouija Board a DEMONIC tool? The debate on this topic has divided the paranormal community right down the middle. Some proclaim that nothing good comes from using the Ouija board and in fact it is a portal to evil demonic spirits. Others say it is nothing more than a piece of cardboard and plastic that is no different than a divination tool or even an electronic audio recorder. Many groups have split up their teams over this very question and many haunted locations DO NOT allow theOuija board to be used on it’s premises. 

Why has this simple “Target Game” become such a heated exchange over the years and why are people so defined in their beliefs on both sides? Has Hollywood added to the corruption of the Ouija? Have teenage stories created more of a fear? Is religion playing a part in the divide?

Tongiht, Anthony and NIna will have a healthy debate on this topic and reveal some of the common misconceptions as well as some of the more believable factors. Which ever side you are on, you may want to tune in to this show and see if there is a different view that has never been brought to your attention or solidify your opinions.

We encourage calls and chat discussion during the LIVE show. Please call in @ 646-787-8018. Press #1 to get into the cue to be on-air.


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