Jeff Nippard Released A Badly Programed Leg Workout – I'm Surprised!


Jeff Nippard – The Most Effective Science-Based Leg Day 2019 (New Upper/Lower Split)

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Re: ScottHermanFitness, OmarIsuf & AlphaDestiny – Deadlifts Engage The Traps More Than Rack Pulls
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  1. Squats really grow hamstrings more than RDL's? I thought all the data shows Hamstrings getting very little activity from the squat in comparison to other lifts.

    For me personally my quads keep growing with my squat while my hamstrings remain tiny.

  2. Flat Earth could be true, Jason. I used to think it was crazy but it's been shown that Nasa photo-shopped the Earth into the Moon
    photo's. They could have had Photoshop back then. I don't expect the authorities would ever prove Flat Earth is true because they
    want to lead people into atheism and promote evolution.

    Also, I saw an old video of yours in which you said you saw the money trail for 9/11 and it was the Saudi's who did it.
    My own research leads to Israel and their subordinates, the USA, Saudi Arabia, the UK and others. 9/11 was the Zionists getting the
    pretence to destroy the Middle East (again) to create refugees who could then be sent into Europe to ruin White societies (Kalergi plan)
    which obviously has happened. Plus, Israel gets to expand it's territory (GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT) which is the eventual plan.
    It was Hegelian Dialectic. The elites caused the problem so they could get the end result they wanted.

  3. I learnt how to do calf raises the right way watching this guy and I generally like his science based approach to lifting but this had to be called out. And who better than doc Orc. Stay blessed 🙏

  4. I don't understand how Jeff Nippard has 1.2 million subs and Jason Blaha has 109k subs,when Jason blows him out of the water in strength and knowledge, he's even old enough to be his father.
    I think there's something amiss with YouTube's viewers.


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