Joe Rogan – How To Workout Smarter


Firas Zahabi on focusing on consistency over intensity in training.



  1. The part with the pull-ups about doing them daily, DO NOT do that. If you workout the same muscle group everyday you won’t have time to recover and will end up hurting yourself and those muscle groups instead of building them. Recovery is more important than volume

  2. I think the issue with this for many normal people is the time commitment. I can afford to climb a couple of times a week for a few hours a time, so when I climb I climb hard and get myself a good workout. If I climbed lighter for 2 hours 5 days a week, I’d have no time to do anything else. I’d get home at 7pm every night, eat and sleep. Nothing else. I’m going to try climbing lighter when I do climb and doing some interval training on the off days but that’s still a large time commitment.

  3. Glad I came across this. Very interesting. I’m 57 doing boot camp and other exercises that take you to exhaustion and old injuries keep popping up.
    This approach seems far more reasonable and practical especially for an old guy.

  4. This is how cyclists have trained for 30 years. Endurance base work is 70-80%% you only do 10% at Max and another 10 at sweet spot in zone 3 or a 1 hour pace .

    Makes sense. I had no clue folks didn’t know this

  5. Thank you so much I wish I knew this before I blew out my knee in my 30s tried applied and works. I thought I would not be able to train again and I can just not stupidly…….

  6. quantity of training shiuld be coupled with quality. u can have 100 easy trainings and i had 10 sparta lvl work outs. trust me i gonna beat your ass up, cuz i worked hard. remember that u get only as much as u give in. u can have 1000 easy trainings to no result. purpose of training is to get stronger. u cant doit slaking and screwing around. u will always lose to a someone who doit allin. its just like old man arnold says… no pain no fucking gain. that is a rule of life only god can bypass

  7. I just realized why I hate crossfit. Lots on anxiety. I red line every day, still can't RX the workout or produce a good time, I feel bad about myself, I'm sore and beat up all the time. No flow.

  8. This guy sounds like he's trying to sell a used car. Of course it makes sense in theory, but we're talking about muscle growth and it just doesn't work that way. He's comparing muscle growth to playing Tetris it's not the same thing. Sure you could do this and be in good shape. but your muscles need to work hard and then rest. If you go into the gym and train boring you're going to have boring look.

  9. I understand where he’s coming from but some things can’t be accomplished without taking it up a notch. There’s been times where I have literally sat at the same bench press for nearly 3 months, once I overdid it, I was used to the new weight and took it further.
    Intensity is necessary, muscle hypertrophy has to occur (muscle fibers tearing). There’s a BIG difference between toning muscles, and building muscle.

  10. This is very very very dumb. 48 hrs time needed for full muscle recovery. Hit ur splits (push/pull is my fav) hard as fuck and dont touch em again for at least 2 days. This dude works out like a pussy and is why he looks below average with a shirt on.

  11. I used to only be able to maintain constant jump rope for five minutes max then because of my bad form my arms and my shoulders would kill me for two three days. Now my workout would kill the old me lol I'd probably give up after three minutes


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