I planned the day. I had a barbecue for some friends. I made a couscous salad, green salad and my “Reese’s” peanut butter cups. I was going to grill teriyaki romaine and vegan burgers.
I invited six friends. The day turned out reasonably clear with no smoke from the fires.
The friends arrived, the food was on the table and we were ready to eat.  I grilled the romaine and it tasted great.
I started to tell a story and I got up to show do a show and tell. I began doing my show when I stepped back on an uneven part of the patio.  Back I went. I landed on my back. I hit my back on a railroad tie, my elbow on a rock and my head on a bridge. I have a wooden bridge that used to go over my pond but now goes over a pond filled in with sand. I landed in the sand with my head bonking down on the bridge. I took out half the blueberry bush.

I got a HUGE bump on my head, a sore elbow and I had a hard time walking or moving. I began getting a headache and remembered what the doctor told me last time I hit my head, don’t wait to go to the ER.
My friend S drove me to the ER and stayed with me while I got processed. Right before I went for tests S left and H arrived. He stayed with me until the end.
I got x-rays of my arm and back and a CT scan of my head. We waited for the results and I am okay. I have a concussion but nothing is broken or fractured. I have some painkillers (that came with a serious talk) and anti-nausea meds. I assured the doc that I rarely take pain meds so he had nothing to worry about. I can’t work when I am stupid from pain meds!!
Hugh brought me home and went to get the pain meds for me. I am now in bed with the dogs. Very thankful for my friends who cleaned everything up and took care of me.  I have the best friends and chosen family.
I am a little nervous what tomorrow will bring.
Until tomorrow…


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