Keto Salt Lake 2019-14-Cindy Miller RN: When your weight loss stalls, what to do?


Ask Nurse Cindy uses humor and easy to understand examples to help others on the journey to informed self care. A RN for 40 years, Cindy has struggled with her weight. SInce discovering the power of ketogenic eating, Cindy has passionately been devoted to helping others discover the freedom found in fueling her body with low carb, high fat, medium protein foods. Join her on her journey to health and add a smile to your day too.

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  1. Need this. I have stalled for over six months but will always eat this way. I have a great a1c, low triglycerides high hdl also high ldl. One of these days I will start losing again. Down 45 pounds and about that much left to lose still. 60 years old two new hips last year 18 months keto also 40 plus years nursing.

  2. She has had amazing results getting her family go keto. There must be trick to it. I have been doing keteo for 21 years. My wife is in, but I have a close friend and several relatives that really need it that I am unable to influence.

  3. Great to hear from you ! I'm need to keep my eyes open for upcoming events! I live in southern Utah and would have loved to attended that 😕
    Thanks Bob the welder

  4. Fantastic talk. I put the scale away a while ago. I accept myself as is now. I also have had such an unhealthy relationship with food so I heard a lot of myself in this lecture. Tracking my food and calories also makes me crazy. Intermittent fasting with keto is magic. The longer fasts get my weight off and keto/intermittent fasting keeps it off. I also follow my circadian rhythm and do not eat past 3-4:30pm. That has made a huge difference in both my ketone and glucose level. My body rebels when I don’t give it at least 16-21 hours of rest from any consumption of anything during that period (including tea or coffee). I have been checking blood ketones and sugar regularly to find these patterns in myself.

    Keep up this side job, you are so good at it!


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