Lavender has long been one of the most recommended essential oils for migraine and headache conditions. Lavender has a significant effect on the nervous system and brain.

Although many claims are made for lavender, many of the studies have been small, short term, and poorly designed. Researchers have also suggested that the essential oil used in some studies was of questionable quality.

Still, there seems to be ample evidence to suggest that lavender is a good way to fight stress and anxiety. And interestingly enough, lavender also seems to be a great natural pain reliever.

Lavender fieldsAlthough some trials have used oral lavender, for now the best way to use it is using an diffuser or vaporizer, or through massage. Another great way to enjoy the benefits of lavender is by putting a few drops into a warm bath.

The University of Science Malaysia is starting a new trial of lavender, based on its benefits for those experiencing “academic stress”. We will see how helpful lavender is to students dealing with exams and paper deadlines. But based on the research done so far, it will probably be a help.

Thankfully, lavender essential oil is very popular, and so readily available. But do make sure you find a good quality brand.

For a large supply of “virgin unrefined” lavender oil, try ArtNaturals theraputic grade essential oil. A little cheaper, but ridiculously popular and well rated, is the Radha Beauty Lavender Essential Oil.

Finally, if you want to start small, try this little bottle from Healing Solutions: Lavender 100% Pure.

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