Layne Gets FAT! My fat loss journey – Week 2 UPDATE


Week 2 Update.

Can confirm, i’m still fat… according to my comments section.

Next week is a diet break so i’ll be posting progress photos for you guys to poke fun at. For now, enjoy the video. #moobnation

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  1. Layne, i like your vids a lot, especially your vids about tracking body composition. So I am curious why you don't tell us about tracking bodyfat % daily and weekly avg? Can u pls track bodyfat rather than only telling us the weight kg lost? It seems more relevant to track the fat loss than the "weight" loss which may include lean mass. And/or can you pls do a video explaining how best to track bodyfat loss over a cut/fat loss phase? Thanks! keep the great content coming, i appreciate it,

  2. I used to despise Layne. 😂 Now, I'm a subscriber to his website/workout builder, I own his book and use his info to crush nutritional BS every day. Funny how the truth can set you free.

  3. Dude you are a supposed “dr”, and your dumbass cannot lose more fat that this a week? And people pay you to prep? Diet break? Fuckin joke.

  4. You're making fun of people that think you need to reduce sugar intake to burn fat. You make a big deal about eating 50 grams of sugar per day, but still losing weight. That's about 1 can of soda. The average american is consuming over 500 grams of sugar per day. They need to reduce sugar intake DRASTICALLY to lose weight. See the problem with your "advice" Layne?

  5. I would like to ask you a question Layne, having read a fair chunk now of your/my ebook Fat Loss Forever. I was particularly interested in the section where you talk about both beta blockers and Amitriptyline being drugs that can contribute to a slower metabolic rate. I have used beta blockers (Nadolol) and more recently Amitriptyline as a migraine prophylaxis for 13 years. My BMR certaining seems to be lower than where it should be. I'm wondering if you would recommend whether decreasing carbs and perhaps going in the direction of keto could make a difference. I'm 215 lbs 6'1" (185), i lift and play badminton 3 times a week each and I'm not losing fat on 1900 cals per day. Any further insight would be appreciated. 👍🏼

  6. Dr. Norton, I was recently accepted into Syracuse University to study nutrition. I was hoping you could give me some insight on the coursework at a bachelor level compared to a doctorate. My career goal is to be a registered dietitian, as well as a nutrition consultant for athletes of all sports. Will a bachelor’s level of education in nutrition give me the knowledge to reach my goals? By the end of the program, I am hoping to have an in-depth understanding of how and when to make macro adjustments and how food reacts in the body to maintain homeostasis.

  7. Eat all your carbs as sugar and see what happens. 50g of sugar is not much for someone who is metabolically flexible and works out intensely and frequently. Better yet, eat all calories from protein and sugar…no fat!


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