Lenovo Unboxed: Yoga C930 laptop and Yoga Book C930


Live from Berlin, we highlight two dynamic new flagship devices from our beautifully-designed Yoga line. More:



  1. Current owner of the 1st gen yoga book and been waiting for the replacement as the performance is not very good but like the design.
    Very disappointed with this 2nd gen as the keyboard looks very slow / laggy but the biggest issue is no backlit! Also 4GB DDR3 RAM on a £1100 tablet / laptop???

    Would like to see Lenovo commenting on one of these complaining comments and not just the ones where people say they would buy it. These people probably can not afford it not like us who already own one or was ready to buy. Only Lenovo can see the selling numbers. I will look elsewhere for replacing mine.

  2. Too bad, yoga book 2nd gen battery still not enough for 2 screen. Why didn't design more thicker at battery keyboard side! Reduced main screen thickness Too bad
    If this small or maybe next gen 14 inch bigger battery, support 1 to 2 external screen monitor for long hour work ! Would be great laptop to consider for

  3. Why can't you buy a pen for the M3 version that doesn't ship with a pen, I was told by Lenovo chat to order the Yoga Pen 2 but I think it's going to be wrong. When it eventually arrives, looks like there are supply problems as my delivery date keep being moved back, now with no expected shipment date.

  4. Is there a possibility to switch languages? Many review mention a customizable multi-language keyboard, but many don’t. I really love the whole concept of this product and would like to buy it for my dad as well, BUT for me it is imperative to be able to switch between languages, whilst for my dad is more important, as he speeds and writes only Russian. Any help, please? Is there maybe a possibility to switch languages and type on the main screen, like on your regular tablet? The reason for me asking, is that I found contradictory info, even a Lenovo support agent saying it is impossible, whilst in your video u mention it being possible. I would greatly appreciate the advice on this matter, about being able to switch between English and Russian keyboard, please help! Thank you in advance (interested in the model with the e-ink display)

  5. Whyyyyy!!!! Lenovo y u no android??? I was really expecting the 2nd generation as I really loved the 1st, android version mind you. Its the first tablet I owned that I carry anywhere, especially during my office hour. It really hits the sweet spot being a productivity and entertainment device, and one of the reason is that being android. Already have windows device at my cubicle and at home, don't really need another one. Guess I'll be using my 1st gen til it dies then.

  6. OMG! I am so excited for the yoga book. I think about 5 months of extra work and I'll be able to buy it!😊😊 such an amazing product! Can't wait. And the "knock knock" is genius…

  7. Love my current Yoga book, only use it in laptop mode, and drawing on it is amazing. Waiting for the Legion Y730 as I need a more powerful laptop to do video editing/artwork, but this new Yoga book looks awesome.

  8. @Lenovo Guys I love the Lenovo T & X products range. My only problem is updates. Now using the MS Surface Pro I only have one update that updates the entire system automatically. With Lenovo I have to manually run the Lenovo update and than the Windows updates. This my only gripe with the product which I why I moved to MS Surface range. I would love to buy the X1 Tablet but that has the same problem with updates. Any work around or updates that will kill this issue??

  9. 3 things, i loved my android yoga book, and is actually a major turn off on the yoga book c930 due to the lack of android, its literally a software thing, its not a hardware thing, but android is designed for lower end specs for running smoothly, WINDOWS 10 has issues on good computers sometimes, its a literal software thing and lenovo has the option to give us dual boot, or a version of the c930 that has android, also, its 2018, why cant devices have more then 1 micro sd card slot, this isnt just a lenovo yoga thing… this is just a EVERYONE thing… is there just some issue where you cant put more then one sd card slot in your computer? and also why only gun metal? one of the things i loved about the OG book was the choices! lets list the colors they had; Metalic Black, Gunmetal Grey, Champaigne Gold, Matte Black, Matte White, Bright Red, Rose Pink, Neon Blue, ive seen pictures of a dark blue and a regular silver, not just gun metal grey…. and now its just… grey… they went from i think 11 colors (depending on region and OS) to just 1…. why lenovo… are you just not listening to us and just focusing on money? see i wish that you could get more colors, AND add accents, like instead of silver, have the corners be gold, or copper, maybe red or white? imagine how sexy the lenovo yoga book could be if you had a black yoga book with gold watch banding and edging (kinda like the hp spectre x360) like lenovo, youre missing out man, you could have something perfect and sexy, and youre just missing out man, also heres a question no ones asking ANYWHERE, but is the e-ink display backlit? cause take it from someone who had a kindle without a backlight, the halo keyboard at least glowed?

  10. Make this yoga book c930 dual boot with android please. First gen windows sold more, but the users and the reviewers online agreed android was better, especially on how well the touchscreens worked, plus the advantage of the playstore. Please make it dual boot, it makes perfect sense.


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