We are thrilled today to announce the release of the book that picks right up where Proof of Heaven (2012) left off. As tempting as it was after awakening from coma to simply accept my extraordinary healing and current well-being as an inexplicable miracle, I couldn’t do that. Instead, I was driven to find an explanation for the incredible journey I took during that coma—a sensory experience that completely defies our conventional neuro-scientific concepts of the role of the neocortex in detailed conscious awareness.

In Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness, co-authored with Karen Newell, we take the reader through my personal journey of discovery, including interactions with other scientists, spiritual teachers and fellow journeyers in the quest to answer some of the deepest questions humans can ask. Does mind over matter really work? Do our loved ones hear our prayers? Can I really communicate with my departed grandmother? Are our souls eternal? Why are we here? What is our purpose?

There is a rapidly growing realization in the fields of the neuroscience of consciousness and philosophy of mind that our conventional view of the brain and consciousness is fatally and irrevocably flawed – the deeper relationships emerging are of life-shifting relevance to us all. The stunning awakening now underway is hinged directly in the mysterious depths of quantum physics, which not only allow for the reality of the spiritual realm – they demand it, with very powerful implications for the reality of primordial consciousness, or God.

This discussion is fascinating, one to which the whole world should be privy – yet most people have no inkling of the profound shifts in understanding coming to the scientific community even now. The picture emerging from the most advanced reaches of scientific investigation in the mind-body debate is quite contrary to our conventional viewpoint.

Many of our foundational assumptions about the nature of reality hinge on the directions in which that debate flows. Any notion of meaning and purpose of our existence, of connection with others and the universe, of our very sense of free will, and even of such concepts as an afterlife and reincarnation—all of these deep issues depend directly on the outcome of the mind-body debate. The relationship between mind and brain is thus one of the most profound and important mysteries in all of human thought – and a revolution in understanding appears imminent.

As a seeker of truth, you clearly don’t have to wait for the world’s scientific community to awaken to all of this – you can start taking advantage of this revolutionary shift in understanding towards deeper understanding and wholeness. It is all about developing a richer interaction with the consciousness within you, that actually originates from the creative source of all that is.

Our new book, Living in a Mindful Universe (Rodale Books, published 17 October 2017), explains this world-changing shift in scientific understanding around the mind-body problem, and outlines numerous ways in which the individual seeker can take their journey to a higher level, by comprehending the deep message concerning the power of our free will to manifest the world of our dreams. The most straightforward benefit is achieving wholeness, of the body, mind, spirit – and soul. As we become more of who we are meant to be, finding the creativity, refreshing perspective and broadened awareness of the interrelationships in our existence, this allows us to live our lives as richly as possible to grow to our highest potential.

Join us on this journey of human awakening – no soul left behind!

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