Long Holds for Flexibility & Surrender – 10 Postures, 30 Minutes – Yoga Class


Welcome to this Yin-style practice.

This class holds poses for one to two minutes. The vid features a few stretches that are absolutely essential for my own body every single day. Hip-flexor opening, hamstring opening, shoulder opening, and thoracic mobility movements are non-negotiables if I want my body to be light and joyful.

Here’s a list of the postures so you can determine whether this class will work for you (or whether it won’t!):

1. ANAHATASANA aka puppy pose (a heart opening that looks like child’s pose with your sitz bones in the air and your arms reaching forward)

2. HALF-HANUMANASANA aka half split (runner’s lunge with the front leg straight) with the option to take it to full hanumanasana / FULL SPLIT

3. QUAD STRETCH aka modified lizard with options to deepen (or not!) – Great for hip flexors

4. UTTITHA PARSVAKONASANA aka extended side angle poses with options to deepen.

5. Twisting lunge with option to bring it to SIDE PLANK or modified side plank – emphasize on thoracic opening and external rotation of the shoulders

6. CAMATKRASANA aka WILD THING with the option to take it to WHEEL POSE

7. One-legged PIGEON, yummy nummy

8. HEADSTAND (or any inversion you prefer)

9. HEADSTAND with STRADDLE (or any inversion with straddle you prefer)


There are two slow Vinyasas.

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“Starting my morning with this! Thank you for always graciously sharing your practice with us!!! I am in ♡ with your style & the challenges you allow me to try!!!!”

“I’ve started taking your classes and enjoying every moment of the practice in the early morning before heading out for work. Thank you very much. Namaste.”

“I find your classes unique and inspiring, They leave me feeling the best version of me.”

“I have been loving your classes. Thank you for making them.”

“You have added sooo much to my practice that i had to thank you! your pace, instruction, sequencing and the space you allow is magical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and work.”



  1. how much do u wrigh? hope u don't mind me asking. I'm around 200 bls. is that normal? I think my mom starved me. she sees me being 200 and flips out. I think some people can be 500 and still look thin and lean. anyways cool video. byebye. anyone can invade in this conversation if they want too. namaste.

  2. You have a class called Heavenly flow but this must have come from there too. What a wonderful idea, I loved the style and the set-up of this class! Fantastic! Thank you so much Leigha! Your classes are very unique, wonderfully paced and perfectly cued. I feel they were made especially for me 🙂 Thank you so much!

  3. I really enjoy your thorough knowledge and your abilities. Working with you I strive to meet a greater challenge than I have previously set for myself. And I sometimes find success with poses I would not otherwise have used. Thank you for sharing your practice with us.

  4. Love this practice. I'm a dancer and this routine is perfect at the end of the day to stretch and relax before bed. You're my favorite yogi on youtube! Thanks for the great videos and inspiration

  5. Just found your channel and I love your videos! I love all of the tiny details that keep my focus and help me flow with my breathe. Like when you say "from three legged downward dog squeeze your leg to your tummy to let it softly land on the mat" Little things like this make all the difference in my practice! Thank you. I would love a good sweaty 1 hour long yoga class!!

  6. Oh and I did this pure gem few weeks ago and it's on my list to always keep going back to! This was too good, so thank you so much! Would love some more longer yin, holding intense postures, like splits for a long time and then adding a few progressions. Like hold pigeon for a minute or two, then do a king pigeon for a half minute, then forward again into a twisting pigeon, which I remember we did with this one. But for a future video, something even longer would be great.

  7. 2 videos in one month! Keep them coming! I love your intermediate/advanced/level 2/3 videos – each one throwing in an unfamiliar poise to keep it fun and interesting! Who needs a studio! :-))) Thank you!

  8. That was one of the best yoga vids I've seen;  I love the 360 degree angles.  Leigha your yoga is so beautiful–please make more vids;  thks Mike.  Can you make a sun salutation video like that?  Thks.


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