I have a few more art supplies coming from Amazon.com which will give my heart another reason to beat happily.

I don’t look happy in the photo bc I’m not. I was at the beginning of whatever my body is doing right now. I’m hacking and spitting up, vomiting and utterly miserable feeling. That’s how my body feels but when I get a visitor I perk right up and chat and laugh like my old self.

I’m getting better settled in, getting used to such a small space for my own. At first I wanted to go back to the nursing home but not now. I just freaked out at the newness of it all.

I think too, I needed to see some of my things. A friend opened boxes and photographed my stuff and sent me the pictures. It was wonderful. My studio is a thing of the past. The bed will have to work for now, and it does.

I finally got my insurance to pay for my blood thinner shots so I no longer have to go to the doctor daily for them. They approved the shots then cut me off cold turkey from my pain medication. Despite a 10 inch open incisions w no stitches, graphs or staples, these people refuse to even preauthorize the meds w my doctor. Soooo, I’m using CBD isolate and THC for the pain.

It took a while for me to even pick up the pen to doodle, but I’m back to it again…. In my small space sits an electric tea kettle. This is home after all. 🙂

My roomies are good to me. I like them a lot. I sleep a heck of lot so I see them just min a day but I get lots of hugs. Awesome sauce! Today’s visitor hugged me twice! Lucky me.



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