Vendor: Nosh Detox
Type: Juice fast

This product was created to clean and clear toxins built up in your system over years.

3 days of a Specialist Cleanse with Charcoal, Spirulina, Turmeric and Ginger

2 days of Food with raw fibre, enzymes and nutrients

Toxins come into the body from so many different places – aluminium from pots and pans, mercury from teeth fillings, lead from old paint, pesticides in our food, chemicals from everywhere!


But they burrow into your tissues and your organs to hide and stay there unless and until they are pulled out carefully and consciously.


And they slow down the body’s processes so that it stops working as well.  It affects your hormones, your digestion, your stress levels.

And it particularly affects Weight Loss.  The body becomes Weight Loss Resistant. In order for your body to lose weight, you need to do a deeper cleanse.


This deep body cleanse needs quite specialist yet natural products like charcoal, spirulina, turmeric which then bind to the heavy metal and toxins and pull them into the bloodstream and out of the body.  


We’ve created a unique product that works exactly like this.


With all these unique products incorporated into juices and food.


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