Hello everyone,
As you’re likely aware, as part of my mission to expand and explore lucid dreaming, and to offer down-to-earth free content, I have embarked upon a foray into the production of YouTube videos.
The good news is that the channel is now launched!
I aim to produce a wide range of freely available content, including in-depth tutorials, fun bite-sized shorts, interactive techniques and casual vlog style pieces that will investigate a wider range of topics. Additionally, I may also share lucid dream inspired creative pieces, such as musical compositions, artwork etc.
On a side note, the majority the of background music included in the videos will be my own work, and most of these are snippets from my musical dream journal; pieces composed within my lucid dreams. If you’d appreciate these to be uploaded as stand-alone tunes, please be sure to request it in the YouTube comment section.
I would imagine there will be a fair share of light-hearted and possibly some comical work as well, simply because it will be fun to make, and works as an antidote against taking ourselves too seriously.
As always, my goal is to offer an honest and realistic exploration of the topics I address. So, your feedback, input and suggestions are always very much welcome.
As I’m sure you understand, the production of this kind of freely available material is very time-consuming and often expensive. So I greatly appreciate your support in helping keep this project alive.
The best way you can lend your support is to subscribe to the channel and to share the videos. Additionally, every time you like and comment on a video, you help improve the channel’s visibility and in turn, my ability to sustain the project.
For those who are kind enough to offer financial backing, you can do so through my newly release Patreon page, which you can find here: https://www.patreon.com/thelucidguide
If you’d like to help out, but can’t, a great way to do so is to occasionally click on the YouTube adverts that will sometimes pop-up. I know they’re annoying – but they are an important means to keep things running.
I’m very excited to work with you all in creating new and exciting material to share and spread the wonders of lucid dreaming, it’s a fun adventure into a new medium, and with your continued support, we can really do something wonderful here.
Oh, and if you need a little motivation to subscribe, if we reach 1000 subscribers by the 1st of January, 2017, all subscribers will be entered into a draw to win the REM Dreamer Pro.
For more information, here’s the brand new channel trailer:


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