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Do you want to re-invent your upper body training? Grab some inspiration from this great workout by Bulk ambassador Maria Bond.​ 💡💪 Weight Loss Champion & Fitness Competitor…. meet Maria! She’s a mum of two who developed a passion for health and fitness and lost almost 40kg, since then she’s become unstoppable. Maria has evolved from weight loss champ to half marathon runner to bodybuilding competitor in just a matter of years. She completed her first half marathon when her daughter was just 12 weeks old and backed it up with a second one two weeks later. After completing two half marathons in 2015 Maria decided to compete in bodybuilding. She competed in 2016 making it into the top five of both shows and most recently became the ICN Australian Champion in the Fitness Momma category. Maria is now working with fellow Ambassador Alicia Gowans and her Ally’s Angels team and plans to compete with the WBFF in 2018. She has even built her own app! It’s called Run Buddy and is designed to connect people so they can run safely and socially. This is all on top of working full time and running a business, you go girl!


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  1. Thanks Maria .. If i combine the right foods ,supplements, is doing 1 particular exercise say reps 6-8 doing to fail 4 times for one muscle group. Is that enough for muscle gain combined with the right amount of rest /recovery of course ? Hope you can understand my question !!!!!!


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