Mark Driscoll on yoga


Mark Driscoll Answers the question: “Should Christians stay away from yoga because of its demonic roots?”



  1. Sanatan dharma is a lot more complex than you seem to grasp. To a genuine sadhak, walking down the street, suffering great pain, meeting a Christian, this entire moment… Is brought back to yoga practice. Not some silly stretches on a mat, most of which nowadays (the postures you think are demonic) did not originate in traditional hatha/tantra. It is also not indefinitely tied to any worship of deities…

    Sanatan dharma also has been labeled everything from atheism, to monotheism. The philosophy does not leave out any path of perception. As personhood is infinitely diverse, and yet we are all walking eachother back home.

    You speak from such spiritually materialistic Dunning-Kruger.

    "stretch if you like… But don't do that" Bak bak bak

    … yoga has nothing to do with stretching, that's simply an expression of its practice. For atheist hatha Yogis, there's no harm however in simply seeing it as a healthy physical practice of movement and breath; the philosophy you have no grasp on whatsoever has no personal issue with this.

    Tell me, which of our shastras, smriti's, etc, have you studied? Which sages have you studied? Tukaram, kabir, Gaudapada, ramanuja, shankara, chaitanya, etc etc. Many very wise beings, as all paths have, ie. Eckhart, rumi, etc. You must be quite well versed in philosophy if you can speak so matter of fact

    This fear based ignorance breeds such little egoic armchairs of ideologies. How much violence has reflected back throughout history influenced by such irrational rhetoric?

    Tum morkh agyani mleccha

  2. It should be enough that yoga has an appearance of evil when you look at it's origin, that alone should be enough for the Christian to stay away from it.

  3. mark Driscoll your comments are totally unintelligible. U have below average intelligence. How dare you criticise Indian philosophy. First you clean your own backyard. You are mentally sick. What harm have Hindus and Buddhists done to you.? None! If you can't talk with wisdom then don't brainwash society

  4. I was agreeing to this guy but then i realised he is an idiot when he said muslims worship a different God!! Currently reading the Quran and it says "Say we believe in Allah, and which has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes and the books given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets from their Lord, we make no distinction between one or another among them…" so they believe in the same God. This guy is clueless atleast when it comes to the muslim faith. Jesus was infact a muslim and technically a jew but definately not a christian, there was no such thing as christianity as jesus only came to "uphold the law".

  5. Truth hurts. But it will enlighten your spiritual eyes to turn from false religion and its tenets to the Gospel of Jesus Christ which can save you from sin. True, Christianity is a "narrow way" and an unpopular path to walk on but it has eternal benefits like no other faith on this planet. Read the teachings of Jesus before you condemn all those who follow Him.

  6. Sometimes i wonder why these christian and muslims are very fearful of other religion, and then used to recall ohhhh…. they created their religion themself and such artificial religion need to be getting afraid.

  7. hey mark, is your faith so weak that you have no control over what enters your mind and body that you condemn yoga? it's people like you that give christians a bad name. and muslims and christians worship the same god of abraham. go check yoself foo.

  8. I agree that Christians should stay away from pagans, but he should do more research on world religions before he goes on stage and preaches because he has no idea about what he's talking about. Buddhist don't believe in a god, the chanting they are doing helps them clear their minds, it's purely for meditational purposes only. The muslims worship the same god as the Jews and the Christians do. The word Allah is the Arabic word for God. Jehova witnesses believe in Jesus, but they see him as a prophet. They don't believe that he was part of god so that doesn't make them evil pagans.

  9. so let me see if I got this straight…
    "you're NOT trying to be one with creation but rather you want to be reconciled to the father through the son by the spirit"
    sighhh….yup, makes perfect sense

  10. I want to be defigned by what I am for NOT by what I against. Driscoll must have been a blacksmith in a previous life because he sure likes to beat the he'll out of people.

  11. I never heard a Yogi say Church is Demonic or something like that. Always Trust the Christians calling others demonic. This hate is the fruit of today's narrow minded Christian thought system. This kind of hate can never lead anyone to the kingdom of God. No matter how many times you say that Jesus will save you. That is why people are leaving Christianity in droves.


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