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HealthifyMe Gender Watch 2018 takes a closer look at how the men and women of India have fared over the last 12 months. More than 125 million food and workout logs from 2 million users across 220+ cities in India have contributed to the compilation of this data.

When it comes to protein, women have consumed 14% less than men over the last 12 months. This is an increase from last year’s 13% difference. The graph below will help you understand protein consumption by each gender in the last year:

The gender-based split of the sources of energy suggests that women are more dependant on carbs and fats as compared to men, whereas men derive more energy from protein than women.

Since men can biologically burn more calories than women, it is only fair to compare the calories burnt by each gender over the last year. Both men and women have burnt 35% more calories on a weekly basis in the last 12 months. In addition to that, both sexes have seen a 50% increase in calories burnt per week in the past year.

The above data suggests that protein consumption by men is higher than that by women, whereas women have been dependant on fats and carbs as energy sources. However, both sexes have improved by the same amount in the last one year when it comes to fitness.

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