By Dr. Mercola

Today is a special celebration, as we share’s 21st anniversary with you! I graduated medical school in 1982. I finished my residency and opened my private practice in 1985, where in the decades that followed I had the privilege of treating well over 20,000 patients. Alongside medicine, I’ve always had a passion for technology, which led to the launch of this website in 1997.

These days, my time is dedicated to research and sharing my knowledge and findings with you. Through the years, we’ve reached hundreds of millions of people through this site, which has grown exponentially over the past two decades. While the look and feel of this site has morphed through the years, my intention for its existence has never changed.

Your Optimal Health Is My Goal and Mission

My goal has always been to provide you with all the information you need to take control of your health — free of charge! I am so happy to have the ability to interview world leading experts, which now number in the hundreds — learning with you along the way. I only have this ability because of the success of this website — because of your support!

You have enabled millions more to get this information, as this site is now available in 10 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, German and Polish. We have also built the world’s best natural health website for your pets — — led by Dr. Karen Becker, a whole-spectrum veterinarian, to help you optimize your pet’s health as well.

Product Updates

Aside from providing free health information, I am also passionate about making the highest quality products and providing the best possible service. It’s unlikely you were reading this site 21 years ago, so you probably don’t remember the very first product I created to help fund our mission and that of our nonprofit partners. That product was a cookbook called “Just What the Doctor Ordered.”

This was the ketogenic cookbook before keto even existed. We’ve come a long way since then, and now have a full line of supplements, foods, drinks, air and water filters, and even a line of organic clothing certified to the highest regenerative standards.

Most recently, we launched our first biodynamic product — a certified biodynamic moringa powder — and this is just the beginning of our biodynamic lineup as we continue to bring regenerative agriculture products to you that go far beyond USDA 100% organic certification.

We’ve also upgraded our Marine Stewardship Council certified krill oil with organic astaxanthin. Organic astaxanthin is also available in a 12mg dose as a unique organic product. These are products I myself take every day. In our ketogenic product line, you’ll also find popular products like the Mitomix Ketogenic Blend, which contains Pau D’ Arco and hawthorn berry, along with our MCT (C8) oil.

I take these products to get the incredible benefits of ketones, which include a source of beta hydroxybutyrate, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD (a coenzyme found in cells that plays a central role in energy metabolism and mitochondrial health). Ketones, as you may know, are an excellent brain fuel, far better than glucose.

Some of our top new products include berberine with PQQ — two powerful mitochondrial enhancers — and organic beef bone broth collagen, both of which I also take every day. We’ve also added a whole line of top quality digestive enzymes.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Lastly, I want you to know that we do listen to your feedback. Many felt we weren’t doing enough to minimize our packaging, considering I frequently warn about the health and environmental dangers of plastic. Even though our plastic bottles were recyclable, we know almost half of plastic trash is not recycled, and will not safely degrade once it’s in a landfill.

So, now you’ll notice that almost all of our products are packaged in glass. We’ve also found a great environmentally friendly way to protect these glass bottles with cardboard sleeves — no more plastic bubble wrap! These changes have all been made without increasing your price.

Best of all, we’ve added two additional fulfillment centers to get your products to your door faster than ever before. For many of you, it’s faster than Amazon Prime. I order my supplements almost every week, and if I order by noon I typically get them the next day. We strive to deliver everywhere in the U.S. in two days, and can ship to most international countries in three to seven days.

My team and I have worked hard to provide you with the highest quality health resources we can find, and will continue to do so. Please feel free to leave a comment in the Vital Votes section below, or contact our customer service department so we can continue to help you Take Control of Your Health!

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