Morning Yoga for Confidence & Energy (Strength, Posture, and Mobility)


This 15 minute beginner yoga flow is a great way to start your day, it’s the exact routine I use to start mine!

This is the EXACT morning workout I’ve been doing for the last month. I specifically designed it to increase energy, confidence, and maintain perfect posture throughout the day. Heres’s what I’m thinking of when I do this workout:
– Making my body as large as possible
– Opening up through my chest and shoulder
– Keeping my body upright
– Postures that encourage perfect posture
– Deep breathing to calm my body and increase my focus

This is one of my favorite workouts from The Posture Fix Program. Head to the link below to check out the full blog of this workout AND to learn about the newest Man Flow Yoga CHALLENGE, starting on Monday, October 2nd. (Hint #1: It features The Posture Fix Program. Hint #2: There’s an awesome sale for it.)

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  1. seems like a good workout but it's uneven – you spend more time talking on the left side than you do on the right – so doing it with you feels lopsided – on the very first exercise you did a minute and a half on the right side, two and a half minutes on the left.

  2. I did this and another session (I can't remember which) this morning, and I felt great afterwards. I look forward to improving my strength, flexibility and overall health by incorporating this throughout the week. Thanks Dean!

  3. Personally, I think your commentary/instruction is very good. So many people risk doing these exercises incorrectly. The step by step guidance ensures you do it properly. Very energising!

  4. wow I've been feeling extra tight in the ribs and back lately and after trying this for the first time I feel amazing and wide awake wow its amazing how the body holds on to stress thanks man this is amazing

  5. Love the workouts but you don't have to fill every single second with endless instruction. I understand cues but you go over the same thing on the right leg as the left leg. You don't get as much out of these workouts as you could.

  6. You are amazing! i did this workout just now and i found out that my Hips/hamstring/glutes/lower back are so Tight & under Trained, should i do this workout every morning or should i take rests in between days ? Also how many calories this burns ? i was sweating and breathing hard LOL Thanks a lot.

  7. Great class! Little advice, you talk a little bit low so can barely hear you, my personal opinion talking during the exercise could make some of us lose our focus, can explain before making the exercise, then explain while doing it for the first time, then help us focus with the breathing, personal opinion, besides that, great class, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I've got a quick question.

    I'm a big fan of building a body that will last the test of time.

    What areas of your body do you think will succumb to wear and tear or injury first and what do you do to mitigate that damage?

  9. Hi Dean really like this routine, it highlights how weak my neck is so that is good. Worst part for me is the shoulder rolls at the end. Need to do this more often to help with this 🙂


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