Straight to the point..
my boyfriend would rather masturbate than have sex with me. He will masturbate in the next room while I’m home, he will wait until I fall asleep.. even after I try to initiate sex. He will do it during work before getting home to me.. etc.
when we first got together he couldn’t keep his hands off me.. we broke up but we were very much still sexually activate.. to where I found out he was sleeping with his 2 ex’s in which he admitted his sexual needs involves more than one woman in his life.
now that we are exclusively back together he has promised his faithfulness.. we don’t have sex.. at all. He doesn’t even kiss me or show me any affection. He isn’t talking to any other women, but all he cares for is masturbation.
I tried watching porn with him, and he loved it.. so I tried to do it again recently and it didn’t have the same effect.
is he getting bored? Does he resent me? Does he only want me when he is “attracted to my variety” at the moment..?
Its hurting me and our relationship severely.
i have an extremely high sex drive especially for a woman that I feel is commendable and admirable especially by my past relationships..
but im about to start a family and life with this man that would rather watch or read about other women having sex than just being with me..
we have toys, and we do all kinds of positions it’s never boring, but am I just boring to him? Not the act itself?


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