Today I had my doctor’s appointment with my primary doctor.  I needed him to fill out my foster adopt medical paperwork and do our bi-monthly check in.
I have been feeling better since he increased my thyroid medication dosage. I no longer feel like I want to fall asleep at 2pm.  He also told me what I have: Hashimoto’s disease.
Hashimoto’s disease is a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck below your Adam’s apple. Inflammation from Hashimoto’s disease, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, often leads to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).  Over time, the hormone replacement dose you need to adequately replace your thyroid function may change.
Just another autoimmune disease to add to the ever growing list.
We also talked about this new shingles shot. He said he had one available but he said that everyone who has taken it feels crappy like they have the flu for about four days. I have family coming to visit and I really don’t want to feel sick for the next four days. I need to plan for this. And this is only shot number 1. He said people feel so awful after the first shot they ate not returning for the second shot therefore rendering it useless.
I can’t get on Xeljanz until I get these shots. Plus I risk getting shingles since I am autoimmune compromised.  Ugh! This is a no win situation.
My doc was not happy that my dog may have Lepto a bacterial infection that can be passed from dog to person.  He said to call if it comes up positive.
Update on Happi: she seemed better today and I took her for a walk. She is snoring next to me right now.
Until tomorrow…


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