My favorite stroke :: Backstroke workout #15


I’m not going to lie, backstroke is my favorite stroke. And I want you to like it too. So here is an entertaining backstroke workout for you to try.

This workout is 1,850 meters or yards long, or if you want to make it shorter do the main set once and it will be 1,350 meters or yards long.

Of course, we will begin by doing 20 arm circles backwards. Now get in the pool and do 200 of the stroke of your choice.

Then 150 kick on your back.

Now to do the technique set do: 4 x 25s one arm backstroke, then 2 x 25s two arm backstroke. Continue by doing 4 x 25s dragging your fingers on the surface. This will help you put your arms in the right position to pull. Then focus on your kick and how it rotates by doing 2 x 25s one stroke and pause for ten kicks, then continue with the next stroke.

For the main set we will do this twice:

4 x 25 of the best backstroke technique you can manage counting strokes.
Then do 4 x 25s counting your kicks. This is a little more difficult but try counting how many times you kick with one leg and multiply that by two.

Then do 6 x 50s. one freestyle and one backstroke. The deal here is that you need to do the backstroke one at the same speed as you did the freestyle one right before it. Of course, this will take more effort, but I assure you that it can be done.

To warm down do one 50 double arm backstroke easy, then 100 freestyle and finish with a 50 easy kick.

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  1. You do an awesome job my friend‼️💫 Peace out, oh now I've been to total of three meets, my last was 50meter free and as soon as I dove in my googles flooded with wTer, was soooo upset on first couple strokes and thought of stopping but continued and ended up with 35.02, but wow was so hard to see wall to get an attack of wall, instead could only drift in,,,,,, ah well, makes me want more lolol, this can get addicting couldn't it❓🙏


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