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In this video I talk about the weight loss tips and tricks that helped me lose over 130 pounds!

DISCLAIMER: The information expressed in this video is based
on the personal experiences of Kyle and I and on our opinions,
and is intended for educational purposes only. This meal plan
is our own personal approach and what worked for us.
It is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice
or attention of certified health care professionals.
We are not physicians, registered dietitians, nutritionists,
or certified personal trainers. Please consult a physician
before beginning any nutrition or fitness program
including following the advice or opinions from this video.
Results are not guaranteed. Everyone has different
nutritional and caloric needs.

*This is NOT a sponsored video.

Once again thank you so much for watching & we appreciate all the support!

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  1. I like to use sugar free pudding mix to flavor my Greek yogurt, the cheesecake flavor is awesome. I also sprinkle sugar free jello(strawberry) on grapes, gets me over that candy craving.

  2. Love the great tips!!! How do you take the no salt? Are you putting in water and drinking or just putting on your food 2x a day? Could you do some videos with gluten free options? I’m really thinking the gluten is part of my issues. Thanks – can’t wait to lose over 100lbs!

  3. Loved this video, so helpful. I just added the five gum to my list and will try the other suggestions later. Aka, jello with whipped topping and sprinkles! 😊 Thanks for sharing. Also, looking into the BCCAs..

  4. Hey Guys. I came across your videos last week and heard how you’d lost weight by eating ordinary food. I’ve struggled with my weight for many many years and have tried every diet out there and have slot weight but always put it back on.
    So I listened to a few videos and decided to follow what you’d recommend and in 5 days I’ve lost 2kg (4.41 pounds) which amazing and I’m eating things I like. Thank you for the recommendations and keep up the good work.

  5. I LOVE your having FUN with presenting your routines and food hacks. It takes all the SERIOUSNESS away and that’s what keeps it light, HaPpY, and most of all, sticking to it LONG TERM because we enjoy it!

  6. This channel is so informative. However, I really do not understand the baby talk. Maybe they could give there viewers some information on why they do that. Is it their thing? Tying to be funny? I really enjoy listening to Nicole when she is being herself and. It acting. Just my opinion and really no hate.

  7. The fizzy waters are really good. I like to add some sugar free non-dairy creamer to them for a treat. French vanilla goes great with any of the fizzy waters. I have, as well used plain fizzy water to make iced coffee (using instant coffee and non-dairy sugar free creamer). It's really good too.

  8. How much do you eat if not counting calories??? As a 6ft tall guy can eat more than 5ft gal to lose weight. Also if spouse brings in another junk food tips for not pigging out on bad stuff???

  9. After having two kids I’ve gained over 60 pounds, and thanks to you guys I’ve started and have stuck to something for longer than a week! And I’m down 6lbs all because of portion control! Thank you for the videos!!


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