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Hey, it’s Mayim, and I actually love doing yoga. I think it’s a great way to move your body and relax your mind. I don’t like the trends that come along with yoga and don’t really find them necessary to the practice. Here are some of my non-trendy yoga tips!
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You ​might know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory or from Blossom​ but there are so many other parts of me that you might not be aware of​!​​ I’m trained ​as a​ neuroscientist, ​I’m ​a passionate activist, an observant Jew, a​ perfectly imperfect​ mother, and ​I’m a complicated human being​ like many of you​. This is the place where I wear ​all of those hats – and none of them have a flower on them! 😉



  1. I love yoga, I'm Dutch and had no idea about the LA women you talk about. Yoga where I live is just as you describe it with baggy comfortable clothes and normal people, I've been doing it since I was 16. Thank you for sharing your tips. I feel like you know a lot more about yoga than the LA make-up trendy yoga women 😉

  2. In India yoga is practiced in schools. It's a great way to prepare children for their classes. It makes them calm yet alert. Oh also here it isn't this super expensive trendy exercise. It's just something a lot of people practice without all the fancy baggage attached to it :). Rich or poor yoga is great for everyone. Traditional yoga practitioners clothes will suit all body types because they are all about comfort 🙂

  3. I love yoga! I got into it through my bofriend when I was 19. It completely ruined gym memberships and more "average fitness" classes for me. I moved once and had to find other venues to keep my excersice rutines, but every single whatever-class always left me unsatisfied… nothing is as good as yoga.

  4. I had a very limiting stroke 25 years ago. I practiced ‘Tai Chi for a while and regained much of my balance. Since then I have been in and out of Physical Therapy to regain skills that get lost due to inactivity and the face that the brain doesn’t remember how the body should move like it once did after this last PT session I was offered a ‘monthly membership at the Therapy center to maintain skills ( and no promise to improve) I identified two skills that I would want to work on; balance and strength. I chose to try yoga before making that decision. My first class was easier than expected! I was able to do the poses! The ones that I struggled with can be modified so that I can do the pose, but I still reap the benefits. I now hand pick my poses depending on what I think I need that day. I don’t worry about flow as long as I’m doing four posses and sing improvement!

  5. I started using the Daily Yoga app in 2016 and I loved it! Last Nov, I started going to an actual yoga class and my love for yoga has gradually lessened. It was much more enjoyable for me to just do it at home whenever I wanted. Going to a class twice a week with other people makes me feel angsty and self conscious. I've missed soo many days of class and I don't really like doing yoga that much anymore. Yoga class ruined my love of yoga 🙁

  6. 3:09 I find being in the front of the class off to one side is ideal positioning, I can see what the instructor does, and I can't see anyone else. I found once I knew the names of the positions (or at least recognized them when called out) I didn't even have to look at the instructor, I could move from one position to the next. When twisting and holding I simply close my eyes and fall into myself. When I arrive to class I put down my mat, take out a yoga block to sit on cross legged and close my eyes and wait for 10:30am to come around when class starts. I have been surprised to find that the place is pretty crowded when I notice the other people on occasion. I arrive about fifteen minutes early because that's when the class before it lets out. I do these things because I have PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder (MOD), and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) … crowds/chaos are bad for me, but in this way I am able to still make yoga a several times a week without it being a horror story. This is a long way of saying how I don't notice people during yoga, and therefore don't need to compete. It allows me to fall in and just focus on the movement and experience. I have found BrettLarkinYoga recently which I use for days I miss morning yoga, like when I needed to get my taxes into the accountant, I didn't want to miss yoga, so in this way I got to do both (ex: ). Namaste.

  7. Love your energy! I enjoy your videos. I'm weird, crazes and fads turn me off. Yoga has become like movies, shows, and music in the sense that I have heard it every where, every day and now I will not do yoga. I'm not kidding. I have not watched Breaking Bad, OITNB, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones just because everyone was raving about these shows. I'm not sure what that says about me.

  8. What I love about you,,is the fact that you are so real.
    I am 44,overweight and I love my yoga classes.
    I dont have fancy yoga clothes, and it's fine. I love the way I feel, when I am there.

  9. I love yoga, I love the feeling of working through the discomfort, like you I don't bother with fancy workout clothes, I prefer PJ bottoms and a baggy top lol, being comfortable allows me to actually get into the yoga more, I don't see it as a fashion thingy and I am a pear so my bum does like big in that and u don't want it in your face with a downward dog lol! Thanks for sharing this

  10. I would love to try a yoga class! However, I am overweight and feel like I would just stumble and fall. I've purchased videos in the past, but there's no accountability, so they sit untouched. I'd love to participate in an in-person class where there are women "like me". 🤷‍♀️

  11. I'm from India. The west has given a very different image to yoga which is very much just opposite of yoga. It is something very low key, not to be learnt in LA at all. It's all about you , the word yoga in hindi language means Union or addition , This is what you are supposed to achieve from within selves.

  12. Mayim!!! I love your outlook and healthy views on so many topics! I was so excited to see you do a video on yoga and it did not disappoint. Your words express so many similarities to my philosophy on teaching yoga. Now to answer your question, I obviously love yoga and have centered my business on busting myths about yoga and nutrition. Thanks again for sharing your story!!

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  14. First of all, love you and this channel!!! Secondly, YES to everything you said in this video…specifically, if you think you hate yoga, that means you probably need yoga in your life!!! About four years ago, I started having major hip pain and a yoga teacher I worked with recommended that yoga would help…I looked at him like he had lost his mind. How could I do yoga in pain? Did he SEE how overweight I was? I pictured myself in a room w/ a bunch of LuLuLemon wearing size 0 blondes and almost had an anxiety attack on the spot. Fast forward to today, I have a regular home yoga practice (finally caved and started practicing in 2017 to help with generalized anxiety disorder) and am about halfway through a 200-hr yoga teacher certification course. I can't imagine my life without yoga now!!! Oh and for the record, my former co-worker was right…yoga totally helped my hip pain! It went from unbearable to almost non-existent very quickly once I made yoga part of my routine 🙂


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