My Weight Loss Journey | #SenoritaJessyIsInLove


Today, I’m gonna be telling you a very personal story that has really shaped the Jessy that I am now and hopefully would inspire all of you who would be watching to never give up on loving yourself and doing everything it takes to achieve your goals. You can’t fake happiness. You can’t fake confidence. There will always be struggles, challenges and negative people who want to see you fail but if you know who you really are and what you can do, they can never bring you down.

I am Jessy Mendiola and this is my weight loss journey.

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Welcome & enjoy!

Live life.
Love life.

Senorita Jessy 🌺💋

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  1. So much respect to youuu after watching this video 💗 'cause No one deserves to be body shamed you know your our own beauty, you know your own worth.

  2. I like what you said about sa mental health.Healthy isn't just about achieving sexy arms and slim thighs,not just about diets or workouts but also about having a healthy mind (with a peaceful relationship with food) And totoo talaga yung kapag mabilis mong na-lose yung weight, mabilis din i-gain yung weight. Sa mga tao na balak mag lose weight pls dont starve yourself.You deserve to eat. Make sure you lose weight in a proper and healthy way(u should only lose atleast 1-2 pounds a week)
    kasi pag unhealthy ang way mo to lose weight mabilis din babalik yang nawala. Trust me, you'll just be stuck in a cycle of losing and gaining weight.

    About body shaming, wish people would stop that. Iba iba tayo ng katawan, ng rate of metabolism and genetics.And isn't it nice that everyone have different body types? Variety is the spice of life.

    Anyways, Im excited to see more fitness videos from this channel. Can't wait for more.

  3. How to know what's best workout based on my body type? Because I know even me can't afford so much things needed. Financial consideration that's why I do home workouts ☹️

  4. in the age of social media. people with insecurities will find others to pour there own insecurities unto them. Hater will be haters. You are beautiful the moment your born, and no one can tell you otherwise. Be healthy and happy in your life, that is the only thing that is more important in life. Of course for me, ill be happier to see you do more projects so i can see you more on screen.

  5. You are such an Inspiration for me as a strong woman. Congratulation🥂 you won! Thanks for sharing this Video🤗 relate ako I have a lot of insecurities as well and focus rin kasi sa mga sasabihin or sinasabi nang iba witch is not healthy for me but still hnd kasi maiwasan☺.


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