My Workout Split for Staying LEAN


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My Workout Split!




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  1. Hey Krissy!! I love your workout split. I’m a nurse so I work 3 12 hour shifts a week and can’t seem to get myself to workout those days because I am so exhausted. My goal has been to hit the gym 4 days a week and I’m making it work most weeks or I’ll at least get 3 days in. Do you have any suggestions for a 4 day split?

  2. Hey, @Krissy how do you manage all that!? Cuz the thing is I'm pharmacy student n this is my third year n I just find it so difficult to maintain my body weight/exercising/study load all together at the same time! 😔
    I really like the way you do your vids n the way you're inspiring others (including myself) n also know you were studying law that's why I'm asking! Looking forward for you to reply or do some videos in regards! 😊

  3. I feel like you don't incorporate or talk about your Albanian culture in your videos and it is something I would like to see. For example going on a trip to Albania, talking about Albanian food and healthy alternatives, family members etc. I know you are a fitness channel but fitness is lifestyle…

  4. I just incorporated a upper body cicuit in my routine and i love it 😍
    Never knew what to do on third upper body day, great way to target all the muscles in one workout
    Thank youu

  5. You are everything!!! Thanks for all the advice Krissy. I've been going to the gym for a couple of 2 years now and i hate cardio too 😅😝 i was always thinking this is soooo bad but now hearing you say the same thing makes my day!!! Lots of lovee

  6. I’m so glad you told us about your workout split Krissy because I’ve been worrying that I don’t train legs & glutes enough. I currently train legs & glutes 2-3 times per week depending on how I’m feeling and this feels good for me. But I know of people who train lower body a lot more often & I’ve been wondering if I should train lower more frequently, but what I’m currently doing feels right for me & this vid makes me feel more confident that I’m not under training, so thank you! 😊😘🙏🏻 Huge sigh of relief!! 😄


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